Scribbles that Matter Starry Night Bullet Journal Review

Scribbles that Matter Starry Night Journal



Every once in a while, a product emerges that transforms ordinary routines into experiences. The “Starry Night” Bullet Journal by Scribbles that matter is one such gem. Invoking the grandeur of Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece, this journal seeks to be more than just a place to jot down thoughts. It aspires to be the canvas of your universe.

The journal’s exterior screams elegance with its vegan leather hardcover. The finely textured surface, reminiscent of a night sky dappled with stardust, carries an alluring mystique. This is not just any journal; it’s an artwork in itself, a testament to artistry and sophistication.

Opening the journal, one is greeted with 150 pages of high-quality 160gsm black paper. The paper is thick enough to guarantee zero bleed-through or fading, ensuring that your creations remain pristine for ages.

Scribbles that Matter Starry Night Journal Review

Scribbles that matter doesn’t stop at aesthetics. Delving deeper, the journal reveals a series of user-friendly features tailored to enhance convenience. The inclusion of a key-code page, index pages, pre-numbered dotted pages, and a pen test page transforms this notebook into a meticulously designed galaxy of possibilities. Charting life’s significant events, capturing fleeting moods, or sketching intricate doodles becomes a more immersive experience.

Furthermore, the “Starry Night” journal incorporates practical tools to aid the journaling process. Two colour-coded bookmarks, a pen-loop, a back pocket for keepsakes, and a specially designed divider guide all serve to enhance the overall user experience. It’s evident that every element has been crafted with the user in mind.

Scribbles that Matter Starry Night Journal Review

Where the journal truly stands out is its pairing with the Uniball Signo gel pen in Angelic White. The contrast of white on black paper creates a visual treat, making sketches and notes jump off the page. It’s a dance of ink and paper, where your thoughts become constellations against the vast expanse of the universe.

In today’s age, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a responsibility. Scribbles that matter recognises this, holding the FSC® certification to prove that their paper meets strict environmental, social, and economic standards.

Their unique design ethos sets them apart. By including their fans in the design process, they produce journals that aren’t just innovative but a reflection of the collective consciousness. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a product that resonates.

Scribbles that Matter Starry Night Journal Review

If you’re seeking an unforgettable gift, look no further. Also, with its blend of aesthetics, functionality, and philosophy, the “Starry Night” Bullet Journal makes an impeccable present, suitable for various occasions.

In a world dominated by digital interfaces, the “Starry Night” Bullet Journal offers a tangible retreat. It’s a symphony of design, functionality, and philosophy, inviting its user to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

However, as with any product, there’s always room for improvement. Some may find the black paper limiting, especially if they’re accustomed to traditional journals. Additionally, while the inclusion of the Uniball Signo pen is commendable, it would have been beneficial to offer a range of colour options.

The “Starry Night” Bullet Journal is not just a paradigm shift in journaling; it’s a celebration of the cosmos, creativity, and consciousness. Also, as its pages fill, it’s comforting to know that it can be preserved in the protective sleeve, ensuring your universe remains unscathed.

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