Scribbles that Matter Iconic Dotted Journal Review

Scribbles that Matter Iconic Dotted Journal



When the art of journaling beckons, the instrument you select can make all the difference. A journal is not merely a repository of thoughts; it’s a testament to creativity, discipline, and personal growth. Enter the Scribbles that Matter Iconic Dotted Journal. At £26.97 and sized conveniently at A5, this journal promises not just to hold your reflections, but to do so in a unique, sustainable style.

At the heart of this journal is its exceptional paper. A lush 160gsm, it has a buttery-smooth texture that just beckons the scribe. Many journal enthusiasts often fret over the paper quality. Will it bleed? Feather? Ghost? The STM eradicates all these concerns. Its premium pages have a fantastic thickness, confidently welcoming a range of creative mediums. From fineliners and gel pens to water-based markers and fountain pens, this journal handles them all admirably. It’s a canvas that genuinely encourages creativity without any limitations.

Scribbles that Matter Iconic Dotted Journal Review

STM’s Iconic Dotted Journal has genuinely been designed with the bullet journaling community in mind. Each feature, from its key-code page and pre-numbered dotted pages to the pen test page, is a nod to the discerning bujo enthusiast. The inclusion of two colour-coded bookmarks further accentuates its user-centric design. These intricate details might seem minor on the surface, but they play an indispensable role in streamlining the journaling process. With these features, you’re not just journaling; you’re crafting an organized testament to your thoughts.

The journal is encapsulated in a vibrant, vegan leather cover. It’s not just the ethically-conscious choice, but also a robust one. Designed to take a beating, this cover ensures that your musings are well-protected. The journal also features a lay-flat binding. No more wrestling with pages that refuse to stay down!

Scribbles that Matter Iconic Dotted Journal Review

The small touches in STM make a significant difference. A smudge-proof 0.7mm black fineliner accompanies the journal. The inclusion of a divider guide (especially beneficial for the A5 & B5 sizes) ensures that you never have to tediously count dots again. Additionally, the back pocket is a neat addition, proving excellent for stashing sticker sheets or any other ephemera you might fancy.

STM is not just about craftsmanship; it’s about crafting with a conscience. The FSC® certification stands as a testament to their commitment to sustainability. This ensures that while your creativity flows uninhibited on the pages, you’re also making an eco-conscious choice.

Scribbles that Matter Iconic Dotted Journal Review

STM’s design ethos is intriguing. They shun the beaten path, and it shows. By involving their fan base in the design process, they achieve two things. One, their products are always on the cutting edge, not just in terms of aesthetics but also functionality. Two, this co-creative approach means every journal they craft resonates deeply with its user base. Their unwavering commitment to innovation stems from their obsession to listen and solve problems.

The Scribbles that Matter Iconic Dotted Journal is more than just a notebook. It’s a symphony of thoughtful design, quality craftsmanship, and sustainable choices. Every feature, every page, every dot, has been conceptualized and executed with the end-user in mind. It’s a journal that promises and delivers. Whether you’re a seasoned bullet journal enthusiast or someone just starting their journaling journey, the STM is bound to impress.

With the promise of durability, the ethics of sustainability, and the sheer joy of superior design, it’s clear that the Scribbles that Matter Iconic Dotted Journal offers value that’s hard to beat. An exceptional journal that stands out, not just in quality but in ethos and innovation.

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