Sandmarc iPhone Cinema Slider Review

Sandmarc iPhone Cinema Slider



The Sandmarc iPhone Cinema Slider is a portable & compact Cinema Slider crafted for iPhone. Built from industrial aluminium and carbon fibre. Designed to help you stabilize your footage and shoot smooth movements on a horizontal/vertical plane. The cinema slider is also compatible to use with our Tripod & Prolight ecosystem.

The Cinema Slider was crafted to help creators & filmmakers create movements seamlessly within their footage. It also helps provide stability & consistency when filming moving subjects.

Sandmarc iPhone Cinema Slider

When using the Slider with SANDMARC Tripod, it allows for dynamic planes to film on your iPhone. The vertical plane allows for the camera moves up & down. A horizontal plane means the camera moves left to right. Finally, diagonal plane, the camera moves from the upper left side to the lower right side.

Set up is easy Grab your iPhone Mount, and rotate it in the slider to lock it in. Place your iPhone securely on the iPhone mount. Turn the knobs to start moving the slider & lock it in on the desired location.

Overall, the Sandmarc iPhone Cinema Slider is fantastic for any avid iPhone photographers.

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