Samsung The Serif 49-inch 4K Ultra HD – A TV For Gamers

When it comes to gaming equipment nowadays, we tend to focus a lot on smaller tools and accessories. We consider controllers that can enhances smartphone gaming, different types of VR glasses, gaming chairs, and even gaming headsets that improve audio experiences while playing. Every now and then it’s worth thinking about the big picture again though, which is why we want to focus in this post on the idea of the perfect gaming TV. In our estimation, Samsung’s “The Serif” 49-inch 4K Ultra HD television fits that description as well as any other television on the market.

Samsung The Serif 49-inch 4K Ultra HD - A TV For Gamers

Why Samsung?

When it comes to major tech companies like Samsung, it’s always easy to get caught up in the latest headlines or products. Case in point, the biggest news about Samsung for UK consumers in recent months has concerned a new smart TV app that essentially makes TikTok available on people’s televisions. Don’t get us wrong, that’s a fun development. But when a company is always producing that sort of news, it’s almost easy to forget about the pure quality of the same company’s major products.

The simple fact is, Samsung TVs are excellent machines. There is no definitive “best” television brand today (and anyone who argues otherwise is being disingenuous). But alongside the likes of LG, Sony, and a few others, Samsung is right at the top. A TV from this brand is the sort of product you can’t go wrong with, and one any gamer will appreciate (sometimes at a lower price point than Sony alternatives).

Why 4K Ultra HD?

The differences between modern flatscreen TV displays are somewhat subtle to all but the most avid tech and TV enthusiasts. The truth is that most televisions of a certain quality have spectacular display quality that can bring video games to life in almost wondrous fashion. That said, we do think a 4K Ultra HD display is a slightly better option than some alternatives.

The reason why is explained in a TV buying guide that was posted towards the end of 2020 regarding the latest machines on the market. In said guide, Samsung’s 4K Ultra HD TVs were specifically identified as the best options for gamers on the grounds that this type of display will “keep up with the movement” of a game just a little bit better than some of its counterparts.

Why 49 Inches?

A 49-inch TV is actually on the small end where 4K is concerned. In fact, a prominent argument that small TVs aren’t good enough for modern technology even cited 43-inch screens as a sort of lower limit for 4K — suggesting that at that size, the improvement in visual detail just isn’t visible. So in a certain way, a 49-inch TV can be perceived as one that doesn’t take full advantage of the technology.

On the other hand, as was also noted in the aforementioned buying guide, gamers tend to sit closer to the screen than, say, people watching films or television shows. Often, they sit quite a bit closer in fact. This alone justifies a smaller screen, and makes the 49-inch Serif an excellent choice. It’s a TV just large enough to showcase the quality of a 4K Ultra HD display, but not so large as to overwhelm a gamer’s senses. Samsung does offer some 55-inch alternatives that are quite similar, but we’d take The Serif.

As we alluded to, the quality of modern TVs in general today means that there are a lot of great options for gamers. We’d never suggest that this is the only one worth buying, nor even that it’s head and shoulders above the competition. But it does check all the boxes, and it’s certainly a TV any gamer will enjoy immensely.

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