Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Review

Samsung Galaxy Buds+



Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Buds+. Samsung’s first-ever wireless earbuds with 2-way speaker delivering sound by AKG with rich treble and bass, and adaptive. 3-mic system for crystal clear calls, and long-lasting battery power — all for a premium listening experience.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Review

This hasn’t changed in size much since the last version, the fit is amazing and they are incredibly comfortable. There are additional wings and tips which allow you to find the perfect fit.

The case is the perfect size for the pocket. It’s slim and pill-shaped, with a solid clasp on the lid. These are the only earphones I have ever had which I can put the case in my pocket.

Battery life is good, clocking in at 11 hours. The case provides one full charge, so you can get a full 24 hours of battery life. The case includes wireless charging, which means I can use my S20 to charge it if needed. There is nothing special about the ear tips, so I am sure Spinfit will have a nice replacement set if needed.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

The app allows you to customize the touch controls, and they can be used individually, which is a huge plus for me. AAC and SBC codecs are supported, there is currently no APTX support. But there is a no-lag option just for Samsung devices, which is meant for gaming, but I tend to use for watching movies.

The connection was pristine and worked well with the S20 and S10. A connection can be made via the Samsung app, or via the earphones themselves.

Controls are easy to pick up. Touch once to play or pause, twice to skip forward or touch three times to skip backwards. You can also hold down to change the volume or activate the assistant. There is a labs option on the app to use beta features.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Review

The Buds+ sport a dual-speaker, which are made up of separate tweeter and subwoofer. This help produces a very balanced sound experience. There is a good ballsy low and crisp clear mids. They are great for rock music but are a tad lacking in bass-heavy tracks.

There is no active noise cancelling, which makes these great for indoors, but not that great for commuting or travelling. the only sound blocking is via the seal they creat on the ear. Call quality is great, with the mic picking up my voice even in the wind.

Overall, these are a great pair of mid-range earphones. Though they won’t compete with the Sony offering, they are comfortable and sound great. Thanks for reading! Have you got any questions? Drop them in the comments below, or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. Finally, check out our other Audio reviews.

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