Salter Rapidcook 400 Digital Air Fryer Oven Review – Fry, Bake, Roast, and Toast with a Blast!

Salter Rapidcook 400 Digital Air Fryer Oven



In the world of kitchen appliances, where convenience meets necessity, the Salter Rapidcook 400 Digital Air Fryer Oven presents itself as a promising contender. This multifunctional appliance aims to revolutionize the way we cook, offering a plethora of cooking methods in a single compact device. Does it live up to its promises? Let’s dive into a detailed exploration of its features, usability, and overall performance to find out.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Right out of the box, the Salter Rapidcook 400 exudes a sense of robust quality and sleek design. The stainless steel exterior is not only visually appealing but also promises durability and ease of cleaning—a huge plus in any kitchen environment. Weighing around 10 kg and boasting dimensions that make it countertop-friendly (approximately 35.3 x 33 x 37 cm), it occupies a sweet spot between being spaciously accommodating and conveniently compact.

The unit comes with several accessories that are essential for its varied cooking functions, including three wire racks, a baking tray, a fry basket, and a rotisserie spit and forks. Each accessory feels sturdy and well-made, suggesting they’ll withstand the rigors of frequent use.

Capacity and Functionality

With an 18-litre capacity, the Salter Rapidcook 400 stands out as a versatile appliance suited for both small and large households. The ability to cook for a family or entertain guests without turning on the main oven is a definite advantage, particularly during warmer months or busy entertaining periods.

This air fryer oven doesn’t just air fry; it boasts 16 preset cooking programs that range from air frying, baking, and roasting to dehydrating and reheating. The digital control panel is intuitively designed, offering straightforward access to all its functions. The LCD display is bright and easy to read, making the cooking process as simple as a few button presses.

Salter Rapidcook 400 Digital Air Fryer Oven Review - Fry, Bake, Roast, and Toast with a Blast!

Performance Evaluation

Air Frying

Air frying is arguably the star of the show. The Salter Rapidcook 400 circulates hot air efficiently, ensuring quick and even cooking. When tested with homemade fries and chicken wings, the results were impressively consistent. The fries came out crispy and golden without the greasiness of traditional frying, and the chicken was succulent inside, with a perfectly crispy exterior.


Baking in an air fryer oven can be hit or miss, but the Salter Rapidcook manages to hold its own. A batch of chocolate chip cookies emerged evenly baked and deliciously soft. However, it’s worth noting that due to the powerful fan, lightweight items like parchment paper need to be secured to prevent them from flying around.


Roasting a chicken using the included rotisserie spit was an effortless process that resulted in a beautifully roasted chicken with crispy skin and juicy meat. The rotation ensures even cooking, and the glass door provides a clear view to monitor the cooking process without opening the door and losing heat.

Additional Features

The dehydrating function is a bonus for health enthusiasts interested in making their own dried fruits, vegetables, or jerky. It performs as expected, though the process can be lengthy—it’s slow but ultimately fruitful, yielding evenly dried products.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The non-stick interior and the stainless steel exterior make cleaning relatively easy. Most components are dishwasher safe, although hand washing is recommended to extend their lifespan. The drip tray effectively catches grease and crumbs, simplifying the cleaning process after cooking.

Practical Test: Cooking with the Salter Rapidcook 400

A good kitchen appliance should not only boast about its features but also prove its mettle with real-world tasks. To truly gauge the effectiveness of the Salter Rapidcook 400, I put it through its paces with two recipes: a savory roasted chicken and a classic dessert, apple crisps. These tests aimed to explore if this air fryer oven could indeed replace or outperform traditional cooking methods.

Recipe 1: Perfect Rotisserie Chicken


  • 1 whole chicken (about 1.5 kg)
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • 1 tbsp mixed herbs (thyme, rosemary, sage)
  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • 1 lemon, halved


  1. Preheat the Salter Rapidcook 400 on the “Roast” setting at 190°C.
  2. Rub the chicken with olive oil and season it inside and out with salt, herbs, and pepper.
  3. Insert the lemon halves into the chicken cavity and tie the legs together.
  4. Attach the chicken to the rotisserie spit and secure it properly.
  5. Set the chicken in the air fryer oven and set the timer for 90 minutes.
  6. Allow the chicken to roast, rotating automatically, until golden and cooked through.

Comparison: Using the Salter Rapidcook for roasting a chicken versus a conventional oven revealed some clear advantages. The rotisserie function allowed for even cooking and browning without the need to manually turn the chicken. Energy consumption was noticeably lower as well, given the more compact space and faster heating mechanism of the air fryer oven. Additionally, the glass door and interior light made it easy to monitor the cooking process without opening the oven and losing heat.

Salter Rapidcook 400 Digital Air Fryer Oven Review

Recipe 2: Crispy Apple Crisps


  • 2 large apples, thinly sliced
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp sugar (optional)


  1. Preheat the Salter Rapidcook 400 using the “Dehydrate” function at 57°C.
  2. Arrange the apple slices in a single layer on the wire racks. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar if desired.
  3. Dehydrate for 6 hours or until the apple slices are crisp and dry.

Comparison: Dehydrating apples in the Salter Rapidcook 400 was far more efficient and straightforward than using a conventional oven. The dedicated dehydrate function maintained a consistent low temperature, which is crucial for evenly dried fruits without the risk of burning them. This process in a standard oven requires keeping the door slightly ajar to manage temperature and airflow, which is less energy-efficient and more cumbersome.

Pros and Cons


  • Versatile cooking options
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Large capacity suitable for families
  • Intuitive digital controls
  • Efficient cooking performance


  • Preheating can be slow
  • Lightweight items may need securing during high-speed fan operations


The Salter Rapidcook 400 Digital Air Fryer Oven is a versatile, efficient, and user-friendly appliance that stands out in the crowded market of kitchen gadgets. It successfully combines multiple cooking functions into one device without compromising on performance or usability. Whether you’re a seasoned home chef or a beginner, this appliance can simplify your cooking routine while delivering delicious results.

It scores an impressive 8.5 out of 10, proving its worth as a valuable addition to any kitchen. Its ability to reduce cooking time, its versatility in handling different cooking methods, and its ease of use make it a recommendable purchase for those looking to enhance their cooking experiences without cluttering the kitchen with multiple gadgets.

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