Salter Metallics Five-Speed Hand Mixer Review

Salter Metallics Five-Speed Hand Mixer



The Salter Five-Speed Hand Mixer allows you to effortlessly prepare pancake batter, blend pasta sauces or shred ingredients. Compact and lightweight, the versatile unit features five unique speed settings, a formidable turbo function and interchangeable kneading hook and mixing beater attachments that are designed to ace a variety of meal preparation tasks. Durable yet stylish, the 250 W mixer boasts a matte black and rose gold finish that is sure to add some chic style to your kitchen collection.

Salter Metallics Five-Speed Hand Mixer Review

This Salter Hand Mixer is perfect for blending egg whites, whipping cream or blitzing mashed potatoes. It’s all down to the 250W motor, which gets the beaters.

I was pleased to see this is a five-speed model, as I have issues with cheaper mixers which only have an on or off switch. This means I can slowly increase the speed, or even use a low speed.

I have used this for cream and even mashed potato, nothing slowed it down. It feels durable and powerful. The beaters are easy to take out and clean.

Also, the mixer is incredibly lightweight and easy to use. We had some people around with their kids, and the kids had no problem using the mixer to make cakes.

Overall, this is a nice looking and easy to use mixer. The beaters are easy to remove and clean, while the 250W motor allows you to mix anything. Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest reviews and news. You can check out our other Lifestyle and Appliance reviews too.

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