Salter EK3459 Milk Frother and Heater Review

Salter EK3459 Milk Frother and Heater Review



The Salter Milk Frother and Heater comes from a company well-known for their home electronics products and we aren’t disappointed in this kitchen gadget.

Salter EK3459 Milk Frother and Heater Review

With a fairly hefty 500W behind the little whisk you can have barista-style milk ready very quickly. The frother whisks up to 115ml of milk – or warms up 240ml in heating mode. If you have a Nespresso or similar espresso maker then this is a fab gadget to expand your home-coffee offerings. We made coffee at the JR offices with the frother using an instant espresso powder which was pretty nice, but if we had an espresso machine this frother might well replace my morning trip to Costa.

The transparent lid is a nice touch as when I over-filled the cup of the unit I spotted the impending spillage ahead of making a huge mess. It has a non-stick interior so any heated-on milk is easily wiped away, and the whisk is removable for hygienic cleaning. Handling the frother for pouring out milk or cleaning up is made easier because of the silicon grip sleeve. The unit lifts off a base, rather than being attached directly to a wall-plug, and this makes cleaning much simpler. All in all, Salter have put a lot of thought into the design and function of this product.

Salter EK3459 Milk Frother and Heater Review

Salter EK3459 Milk Frother Features:

Enjoy delightfully light and frothy hot beverages in the comfort of your own home with this easy-to-use milk frothier from Salter.
Equipped with a transparent lid for added convenience, this dual-function kitchen appliance can be used to both heat and froth milk.
The compact Stainless Steel device has a robust 500 w power rating and is fitted with a soft-touch silicone sleeve for Easy handling.
This handy unit features a removable whisk and effective non-stick coating for effortless cleaning and low maintenance requirements.
With over 250 years of British design and innovation, Salter continue to make great products to enhance your everyday lifestyle

Using the unit on the frothing setting we made milkshakes (it works best with Nesquick powder FYI) and iced coffees. On the heating setting we made creamy lattes and luxe hot chocolates. One key feature is the speed of use. It takes less time than heating your milk up in a pan or in the microwave. You get way more foam than a traditional milk whisk can create. A personal bugbear of mine for home-frothed milk is that the bubbles tend to collapse quickly, and the foam vanishes. With the Salter it seems you have much denser foam that holds its volume whilst you sip to the bottom.

Salter EK3459 Milk Frother and Heater Review

If you have an espresso machine we recommend the Salter Milk Frother and Heater to really up your home-barista game. It’s also pretty great using instant coffee, or getting a milkshake super-foamy. It’s easy-to-clean, quick, and it looks good on the kitchen bench. You can find it on Amazon for £31.99.

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