Salter Eco Bamboo Rechargeable Digital Kitchen Scale Review

Salter Eco Bamboo Rechargeable Digital Kitchen Scale



Add a natural touch to your kitchen with the Salter Eco Bamboo Rechargeable Digital Kitchen Scale, crafted from sustainable bamboo. Not only does this scale look the part, but also uses a USB rechargeable battery. This means there is no need to worry about disposable batteries that harm the environment. From a two-and-half-hour charge, you will have up to six months’ worth of use. The slim design makes it easy to tuck the scale away while it is charging or once you have finished cooking.

Salter Eco Bamboo Rechargeable Digital Kitchen Scale Review

This set of scales is made from 86.3% Bamboo and just 2.5% plastic, making it is easy to wipe clean and store. The add & weigh function saves me time and washing up. It allows me to measure everything I need all in the same bowl, including liquids – perfect for smoothies or baking cake

These can measure up to a capacity of 5kg in 1g increments. This ensures my cooking and baking ingredients are perfectly measured. Most UK households throw away at least 40kg of plastic each year and just 45% of this is recycled, meaning 55% of all our plastic waste ends up in landfills, or indeed, the ocean. Choose Salter’s eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to plastic and disposable battery waste

I can finally say goodbye to my measuring jug, as this kitchen scale is equipped with the ability to measure multiple ingredients and liquids more precisely with your preferred unit of measurement (ml / fl.oz) in one bowl. Perfect for creating ice cream, breakfast smoothies and even a cocktail or two!

Overall, the Salter Eco Bamboo Rechargeable Digital Kitchen Scale is a fantastic kitchen scale. The slim design and look are very on-trend, while the USB charging is genius!

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  1. Sorry to say that these scales are no good for bakers. The design is lovely but the measurements do not update quickly enough, jumping from 1g to 4g to 9g when measuring yeast and baking powder. Salter sent a replacement which had the same problem. Back to my old, battery powered scales for now.

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