Salter Dual Cook Pro Air Fryer Review

Salter Dual Cook Pro Air Fryer



Fry, grill and roast with ease using this fantastic Salter Dual Cook Pro Air Fryer; a healthy way to cook your favourite foods using little to no oil. This dual independent fryer has a 60 minute timer, adjustable temperature control as well as pause and resume cooking functions.

Ideal for home-made chips or wedges as well as meat, spring rolls, stuffed vegetables and quiche, it can cook a huge variety of foods. Complete with a stylish sensor touch control LED display, this air fryer has 12 cooking functions, ideal for any family dinner. Featuring 1600 W power, the fryer can heat up to 200° and has two 4.5L frying racks for dual independent cooking.

It’s only been a week so far but in that time I’ve done everything from fries and nuggets to a full roast in a tray. The first thing I like is the shape of the baskets, the rectangular space is far more practical than round baskets, both in terms of the available and usable space but also in terms of using baking/greaseproof paper. The dual capacity obviously helps keep different foods apart, but have them ready together, eg. nuggets and fries as doing them together can leave covered fries a bit soggy. Operating the Sync and Match settings is both simple and intuitive.

Salter Dual Cook Pro Air Fryer Review

Salter Dual Cook Pro Air Fryer Review

Overall it’s large, but not as large as you’d expect given the cpacity compared to most single basket machines. The handles genuinely do stay cool. The way that the timer is paused when a basket is removed is a bonus when using a single tray but you should be aware that cooking will continue in the other basket if checking/shaking one basket of a multi or smart cook.

If there’s one disappointment it has to be the pre-sets. They’re a big marketing subject but the reality is that they’re dependent on the size/amount you’re cooking matching whatever, unspecified, amount it’s based on. In practise I found myself choosing a pre-set pretty much at random and then manually editing the temperature and timer. For example there’s a pre-set for fries of 18mins at 200C – but is that for a small portion, a medium portion or a basketful? Is that for “fries” or chips? It would be as useable, if not more so, with just a temperature setting and a timer setting alongside the Sync and Match functions, without the row of lights and “functions”.

Cooking is very consistent and the air circulation works well with a good all-around cooking on sausages, hash browns, fries, battered fish, pork and crackling (slightly on the dry side). Cleaning is also simple with the easy wash-baskets.

It’s got a lot of work ahead of it but to-date it’s been a step up from a single basket fryer with the Smart function and the ability to do different foods simultaneously.

Overall, the Salter Dual Cook Pro Air Fryer is a must-have for any large family.

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