Salter Carbon Steel Pre-Seasoned Griddle Pan Review

Salter Carbon Steel Pre-Seasoned Griddle Pan



Salter sets a new high standard for cooking with this collection of carbon steel pans. Featuring a patina coating that seals in the seasoning every time you cook, for healthier food that is packed with flavour. The Salter Carbon Steel Pre-Seasoned Griddle Pan will release any food debris effortlessly for a very easy clean up. Its induction base is suitable for all hob types, with a silicone grip hand for a firm hold. You can even cook delicious dishes in the oven with these pans, as they are oven safe up to 200°C.

Salter Carbon Steel Pre-Seasoned Griddle Pan Review
  •   Preseasoned with a unique PTFE-free wax layer  
  •   The induction base is suitable for all hob types (gas, electric, halogen, radiant ring and induction)  
  •   High-quality carbon steel – durable and long-lasting  
  •   Patina (non-stick) coating – seals seasoning every time you cook  
  •   Suits all cooks and abilities  
  •   Oven safe up to 200°C  
  •   Easy Grip Handles made from pressed stainless steel with a silicone grip

Salter Carbon Steel Pre-Seasoned Griddle Pan Review

Before using your pan for the first time you must remove the anti-corrosion (wax) layer by simply washing it in warm, soapy water. Dry thoroughly on a warm hob ring immediately after washing.

The first thing I noticed was how much more bacon you can easily fit in a square pan, compared to a round pan. Six slices of bacon in one sitting 🙂

I also got 6 slices of Lorne sausage in the pan in one sitting too. This makes cooking breakfast for a family much easier and quicker. It would easily have handled 6 slices of black pudding in one go too although I only needed to cook four.

I was surprised, and pleased, to see the fat coming out of the food I was cooking and it not sitting directly in the fat like it would have if I had cooked it using a frying pan.

The raised griddle bars are deep enough to keep food from sitting in excess fat while still allowing some fat to touch the food as it cooks (which is needed).

It cleaned up very easily afterwards with nothing even slightly trying to stick to it. I also like that the handle can be detached and stored in the griddle pan. It just makes it easier to store in the cupboard by taking up less space.

Overall I was very pleased with the Salter Carbon Steel Pre-Seasoned Griddle Pan. Looking forward to cooking a couple of juicy steaks in it and getting that griddle mark look on them. 

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