SADES Wand PC Gaming Headset Review

SADES Wand PC Gaming Headset



The SADES Wand PC Gaming Headset brings you to a new level of gaming convenience with its driver-free 7.1 surround audio along with its swivel-to-mute mic. This powerful headset also features 2 gaming audio modes and a cool blue led lighting, both of which can be controlled via the in-line switch.

The headband padding is nice and thick, so very comfy on the head. So it relieves more pressure on your head for long-lasting comfort. The materials used are very lightweight, flexible, and extremely durable. But the plastic does have a cheap feel and look to it.

The soft cloth and leatherette combination on the cups provides a soft feel and pretty good sound isolation that lets you enjoy long gaming marathons. There is a slight amount of sound bleeding, enough leaking that the wife did complain about the sound.

The microphone captured my voice well, and other players heard me with no issues. Though there isn’t a lot of noise cancellation, meaning that external sounds are picked up as well.

SADES Wand PC Gaming Headset Review

The SADES Wand enables you to easily manage your mic, lighting, volume, and incoming calls via its in-line controller. You can also simply toggle via the controller its two audio modes: Stereo and Surround depending on your audio requirement.

The Wand’s cool blue LED illumination options to include a breathing and a static effect. Match it with your gaming mood and switch effects via the in-line control.

Overall, the SADES Wand PC Gaming Headset is an OK entry gaming headset. It’s a little too plastic feeling for me, and isn’t amazing sounding.

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