Sabrent Rocket V30 A2 1TB MicroSDXC Memory Card Review

Sabrent Rocket V30 A2 1TB MicroSDXC Memory Card



Enjoy fast, capacious storage, all in the tiny Sabrent Rocket V30 A2 1TB MicroSDXC Memory Card. Our V30 memory cards let you pack up to 1TB of your content, accessible at up to 100 MB/s. These cards are rated to meet the A2, UHS Speed Class 3, and V30 standards, with enough IOPS for typical applications. Over 30 MB/s in sustained write speed lets you record up to 4K video without lag.

Useful for your camera, your phone, your laptop PC, Steam Deck, and much more. Games, pictures, video: you name it, it can store it. Our V30 memory cards use a high-quality flash controller to ensure you don’t have to wear through multiple cards just from normal use, as with cheaper brands. It uses technology similar to that found on SSDs to get the most out of the hardware. It’s coupled with the newest 3D flash with improved endurance for added reliability even during sustained operation.

Sabrent is a pretty well-known company in the digital storage space. They’re known for their Rocket series SSDs which are a budget-conscious alternative to the big-name (Samsung, Crucial, Western Digital) leaders. I’ve owned Sabrent SSDs in the past they’re exactly like this SD card – no big surprises.

Sabrent Rocket V30 A2 1TB MicroSDXC Memory Card Review

This is the first SD card I’ve ever owned by Sabrent. I am a professional photographer and we value capacity, speed, and particularly dependability. The last one is probably the most important since the worst-case scenario is when an SD card fails and you wasted an entire day of shooting that can’t be recovered. This is also the hardest to test since you literally need to use the thing enough times and wait to see if there is a failure. Unfortunately, I will have to spend more time with this to know whether it holds up. I will definitely report back if I have issues.

Sabrent Rocket V30 A2 1TB MicroSDXC Memory Card Review

In the other aspects such as speed and capacity, the Sabrent car does not disappoint. There are no surprises – which is good, but also nothing to distinguish the card from anyone else. These are your typical UHS-I cards and despite what they advertise about faster transfer speeds, UHS-I is limited to around 100m/s on both writes and reads. Popping this in Cyrstalbench the card does exactly that, around 90mb/s. This is the same for all of my Sandisk, Lexar, or PNY drives. You really need to go to UHS-II to get anything faster. Some cheaper older UHS-I cards may struggle to 90mb/s or hover around 70mb/s. But since UHS-I is a mature platform most manufacturers have no problem hitting the threshold.

Sabrent Rocket V30 A2 1TB MicroSDXC Memory Card Review

In terms of capacity, having 1TB in a micro SD card these days is amazing. You can have the capacity for huge RAW files of high megapixel cameras (100Mb or so on a Sony A7riv in uncompressed RAW) or 4k video files. It’s always a relief to not have to worry about how many more clicks you have before the SD card runs out. 1TB is a bit excessive in size and this is likely using modern higher-density chips capable of hitting at higher transfer speeds but is limited by the UHS-I interface.

For now, I can say the Sabrent hits all expectations. The biggest unknown is of course reliability. From experience, SD cards can go almost any time. Overuse, high temps, drops, and abuse can often cause cards to go. Unfortunately, this is very hard to test as your mileage will always vary.

The card comes in a minimalist cubic box that is typical of Sabrent’s products. It is much better than the plastic and cardboard-backed packaging that is the standard of Sandisk and other companies. The card comes with a black Sabrent full-size SD card adapter. This is all very standard and in line with other companies. It’s always good to be able to use a Micro SD card as a standard SD slot.

The final thing I want to note is the price. At the writing of this review, the 1TB card is over £200. This is a common price at retail but there are a lot of other cards on the market with the same specs that are on sale for cheaper. For a brand that is not huge in the SD card business, I think Sabrent is going to have to offer better pricing to make buyers take a second look.

Overall, the Sabrent Rocket V30 A2 1TB MicroSDXC Memory Card is a great solution for the SteamDeck, camera or any games console.

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