Sabrent 1TB Rocket 4 and PS5 Heatsink Review

Sabrent 1TB Rocket 4 and PS5 Heatsink



The PS5 enables you to expand your storage by adding your own SSD and heatsink. The Sabrent 1TB Rocket 4 and PS5 Heatsink combo bring the best storage upgrade for your PS5! With storage sizes of up to 8TB and exceptional cooling performance, you can not only store your large library of AAA games but also play them to your heart content unimpeded.

The PS5 requires SSD speeds of at least 5500MB/s and the Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus not only achieves this but exceeds it with reading and write speeds of 7000MB/s and 6600MB/s respectively. The Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus take full advantage of TLC NAND Flash memory combined with PCIe Gen 4 technology for sustained gameplay.

Sabrent 1TB Rocket 4 and PS5 Heatsink Review

This SSD heatsink method also uses Sabrent’s “Sandwich Design” which ensures even pressure throughout the SSD for efficient and consistent heat transfer unlike methods used by other brands.

Rather than creating a heatsink that would only trap the heat in the metal cover, they designed a heatsink that replaces the native PS5 cover. This allows for better cooling using the native fan as well as being a larger heatsink.

Made from High-Quality CNC’d aluminium, the Sabrent PS5 Heatsink was specifically designed to maximize cooling performance and simplify installation.

I believe that this SSD is one of the fastest and not the most expensive compared to the other brands. It’s very easy to install. The hardest part I found was taking the ps5 cover off. The SSD has a heat sink with it. You basically have tape that comes of the heat sink then goes onto the SSD card. I would suggest that you fit the SSD into the ps5. Straight forward YouTube has many guides so can not go wrong. Then once SSD is in the slot. Take the tape off and stick the heat sink to the surface of the SSD. Job done.

Then restart the ps5 and you are prompted to format the new SSD. That’s basically 2 TB more space. Well worth it. I moved 3 games from the main ps5 hard drive to the new SSD. Very quick to transfer over. Spider-Man miles MORALES/ASSASSINS CREED VALHALLA/ BLACK OPS COLD WAR. Over 300MB game size. Took a few minutes to transfer over. From playing the games from the new SSD I feel it may even be a bit quicker than the main ps5 SSD. I would make the purchase and not sit on the fence. I have a feeling that once their stock has gone. It will probably be like getting a ps5 very hard.

Overall, the Sabrent 1TB Rocket 4 and PS5 Heatsink is the best option for any PS5 owners.

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