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The RYME ProSport wireless earphones are optimized for athletes. They are IPX5 water-resistant, have adjustable ear hooks and fast charging.

RYME ProSport Wireless Earphones Review

They are sleek and have a standard design. There is no ANC, but I found the seal to be good enough to block out most noise. They also use physical buttons, which I prefer over touchpads.

RYME ProSport Wireless Earphones Specs:

  • Processor: High Performance CSR Chip.
  • Noise Isolation: Adaptive CVC 8.0 noise reduction technology.
  • Battery Life: Around 5 hours.
  • Charging Time: 35 minutes for 100% charge.
  • Water Resistance: IPX5 Water Resistant.
  • Bluetooth Comptatiblity: Latest Bluetooth V5.0 Technology.
  • Bluetooth Distance: 10 metres (30ft).
  • Case Size: 68mm x 68mm.

The charging case ticks all the boxes for me. A good solid lid, magnets for the earbuds, and USB-C charging. The case gives the earbuds an additional 24 hours of battery. The ProSport Wireless Earphones are the runner’s dream. They are water/sweat proof and never fall out of your ears while running, due to the adjustable ear hooks.

Sound quality is on-point. Overall, a nice balanced sound with a good amount of bass. The low end is deep and rich, with the higher end being crisp and clear. This is all helped with the tight seal, as you can hear all the sound.

They were easy to pair, and the connection is stable through my use. They turn on when I take them out of the case and will connect automatically. Also, will then disconnect when I put them back in the case. They have an IP5X rating, which means they are protected against dust ingress that could be harmful for the normal operation of the product but is not fully dust-tight. It is protected against solid objects and water jets projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) from any directions.

RYME ProSport Wireless Earphones Review

Overall, the RYME ProSport Wireless Earphones are great. These will cater for 90% of the population that needs a reliable earbud for a low price. They have an good battery, sound profile and connection. If they could add ANC, then these would be my earbuds of choice. Don’t forget to test for the best streaming speed.

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  1. I love these, I’ve used them all summer for long walks and with how hot its been I’m impressed with the fact theyve lasted through the sweat haha. I really don’t miss ANC with these, there’s hardly a bit of bleed. Hard to believe they’re not double the price tbh.

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