Rumour – Batman: Arkham Legacy is the next Batman game

Prominent leaker New_WabiSabi has claimed that the name of the new Batman game will be Arkham Legacy and that there will be playable family members!

Rumour - Batman: Arkham Legacy is the next Batman game

New_WabiSabi tweet below:

Though not much to go on, this is very exciting news. The fact you can now play as other people is a big plus for me. It expands the game and means that there are multiple possible spin-offs. Just think how fun Batman: Alfred will be on the PS5.

Rumour - Batman: Arkham Legacy is the next Batman game

This could mean that maybe some parts of the game are inaccessible as batman so you will need to switch for Nightwing. Or even that Batman is taken down early in the game and you have to play as Robin to rescue him.

Previous rumours claim that this game will be inspired by the Court of Owls storyline from the comics. The Court of Owls is an organized crime group and secret society. They have secretly existed since colonial times in Gotham City. The Court kidnaps child performers from the circus, only to train and transform them into their assassins. These are known as Talons which first appeared in Batman #2 (2011).

With this leak gaining a lot of traction, WB may have to pull their fingers out and get some news out there. Either way, we are very excited by Batman: Arkham Legacy and hope to hear news from WB soon.

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