RUGD Rhino Apple to USB-C Cable Review

RUGD Rhino Apple to USB-C Cable



RUGD Rhino Apple to USB-C Cable Review – I go through quite a few iPhone cables as I have three kids that are never off of their phones for more than a few minutes and as annoying as this is to me, it’s pretty much the norm for anyone 11+ these days.

When it comes to cables I do like darker coloured ones with a hint of colour on it. This being a darker grey/black with orange accents is pretty nice looking and has a sense of premium to it.

The length of this isn’t quite long enough to use as you charge so this is mainly being used for charging one of the kid’s phones overnight. It has fast charge compatibility which allows an iPhone to charge around 50% in 20 minutes or so. I do have my wireless charger for charging mine a night so this one isn’t required all the time.

RUGD Rhino Apple to USB-C Cable Review

In terms of durability, it looks and feels strong but for them to title it unbreakable is pretty naive, to say the least. These chargers don’t tend to break at the cable itself but break by way of just stopping charging or giving the “not supported” error.

So far though, my opinion of the RUGD Rhino Apple to USB-C Cable remains positive as it’s definitely one of the best performing and strongest feeling cables I have used to date. Fast charging, premium-feeling and decent looking are about the most you can ask for in a charger cable and this ticks all the boxes. Be sure you own a good PD charger plug to output the current/voltage that fast charging requires.

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