ROXi Premium and ROXi Karaoke Microphone Review

ROXi Premium and ROXi Karaoke Microphone



British music streaming company, ROXi, backed by Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams has announced its revolutionary new FREE TV Music App available on millions of TVs across the UK. 

Until now music streaming services simply gave you something to listen to, in audio. ROXi changes everything by igniting all the senses, transforming the way you experience new music and your favourite tunes in the home.

ROXi Premium and ROXi Karaoke Microphone Review

Dedicated entirely to music and featuring an intuitive new TV user interface, ROXi is the only holistic TV Music App designed to bring friends and families together to enjoy unlimited music videos, sing karaoke and play interactive music games on TVs, for free with ads.

ROXi provides unlimited access to every original music video, album and song with 70 million music recordings from all the major and leading independent labels constantly updated with the latest releases. 

ROXi also features hundreds of exclusive music video channels for every mood and occasion and karaoke fans there are 140,000 traditional karaoke and ‘Karaoke With The Stars’ singalong tracks, plus interactive music games to test your musical knowledge, and more.

An optional upgrade to the ROXi Premium tier offers full ad-free access to all of ROXi’s features for just £6.99 per month and comes with a no-obligation 30-day free trial.

Setup was incredibly easy:

  • Step 1: Set Up Your Fire TV: Open your Amazon Fire TV box, connect your Fire TV Stick to your TV using the HDMI lead and plug it into power using the plug and cable.
  • Step 2: Switch on Fire TV: Turn on your TV and use the source/input button on your TV remote to select the HDMI input your Fire TV is connected to. Your TV will now display the Fire TV interface.
  • Step 3: Connect Wi-Fi: Using your Fire TV Controller’s big OK button, select your Wi-Fi network from the list appearing on-screen and enter your Wi-Fi password using the on-screen keyboard. 
  • Step 4 (optional): Set up Fire TV screen size on your TV in Settings / Display on your Fire TV Set Display Area
  • Step 5: Search for ROXi in the Appstore on your Fire TV Stick and install ROXi free and ENJOY!

Once everything is installed you will have unlimited access to all the original Music Videos from the record labels. This collection will be constantly updated with the latest releases and millions of Virtual Music Videos created with artist visuals from Getty Images for the tracks without original music videos. This helps provide an audio-visual experience optimised for TV viewing for all 70 million releases on ROXi. I loved that I can create my own playlists and save my favourites in-app on TV or using the ROXi Mobile Companion App (available for Android and iOS).

With hundreds of exclusive expertly curated Music Video Channels, ROXi has the perfect channel for every mood or occasion whether you want to party, relax or reminisce.

ROXi Premium and ROXi Karaoke Microphone Review

There are over 140,000 songs with scrolling on-screen lyrics, with both traditional Karaoke and Karaoke With The Stars. I can sing along with all my favourite artists and the latest hits karaoke-style using ROXi’s Karaoke Microphone.

The games were a lot of fun and allowed me to battle it out with friends and family testing my music knowledge with ‘Name The Song’. Roxi’s interactive music game features millions of songs and multiple genres and era-based games.

The ROXi Karaoke Microphone has an amplifier and speaker built-in. You can turn on the Karaoke Microphone using the power button located above the ROXi logo. The blue power light will switch on and the Karaoke Microphone will chime to let you know it is on. It features both MIC VOL and ECHO switches. Please set the audio level to + for use.

Overall, the ROXi Premium and ROXi Karaoke Microphone are great Christmas gifts for all the family.

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