Roku Streambar – Exceptional Audio with a Roku Player Built-In Review

Roku Streambar



The Roku Streambar delivers exceptional audio with a Roku Player Built-In. It easily upgrades any TV with powerful streaming and premium sound. Hear every detail as you stream the newest and most popular channels in vibrant 4K HDR picture quality. You’ll be amazed at how something so small can fill your room with sound. Setup is simple with everything you need in the box.

Roku Streambar - Exceptional Audio with a Roku Player Built-In Review

The Built-in Roku Player:

The interface is clean and simple. Most of the space is dedicated to the apps and channels you get your content from. I did find some of the apps are looking a bit old compared to their counterparts on other devices. The store offers access to thousands of channels and hundreds of games. Moving around is smooth and there weren’t any graphical issues I noticed.

There is a feed section which shows you what you should be watching and new shows that are out. These include selections from Netflix, Youtube and Prime Video. This is all in 4K and with HDR support. For us brits, there are also apps for iPlayer, ITV Player, All 4 and 5 on Demand. Now TV also makes an appearance which is nice to see.

4K contents work as advertised. The Mind Flayer on Stranger Things 3 looks amazing and the colours are vibrant. The HDR also makes darks very dark, and this is noticeable as Stranger Things 3 is 80% night. I didn’t notice any streaming issues, though the stick was above my wifi router.

The Roku app on your mobile is a must. This allows for voice search and adds to the overall navigation of the stick. There’s the cast option which allows you to share local media to the people in your living room. There is also a way to have the sound go to a pair of headphones, but I noticed serious lag when using Bluetooth earphones.

This is a great simple device to have at home. There’s hardly any setup and works as advertised. This has 4K and HDR support with all the major streaming giants on there.

Roku Streambar - Exceptional Audio with a Roku Player Built-In Review

The Streambar:

The four drives built into the Streambar are placed at the front and the sides. This placement fills the room, and I only needed the volume halfway to be the highest I would want it. My TV speakers are at the back, so this is a world of difference. Car chases and shootouts all sound amazing, and the sound is so varied I forgot it was coming from this small device.

There is a distinct lack of bass, this is down to the lack of a subwoofer. This is all to keep the footprint small. Explosions will still rumble through the living room, and voice clarity has been boosted though. Sound profiles can be changed when needed, but I’d suggest trying them all out. Some added too much noise to scenes and made them unenjoyable.

Overall, Roku Streambar is a fantastic entertainment centre. The soundbar and player all built-in together is clever and makes upgrades to a boring TV a lot easier.

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