Rocketbook Academic Planner Review

Rocketbook Academic Planner



Ditch your old-school planners! Designed for students and approved by teachers, the Rocketbook Academic Planner is equipped with 13 different page types to give you extra credit in the classroom. Use it to manage class schedules, weekly goals, daily workloads or option (d) all of the above. The Academic Planner has an innovative synthetic paper that allows you to write smoothly with a Pilot FriXion pen.

Use the Rocketbook App to blast your notes to the Cloud then magically wipe your notes clean with a damp cloth. Erase and reuse to get straight A’s semester after semester after semester after.

Rocketbook Academic Planner Review

Previously, I was writing in a notepad and bringing that everywhere, scanning individual pages with CamScanner App on my iPhone, “crop image” myself, and sending that to my Google Drive account.
Now, I write with the pen (13 different page templates) and scan individual pages with the Rocketbook app on my iPhone which sends the page directly to Google Drive for filing, no need to “crop image”, wipe the pages down and write again.

For all the books in the “Rocketbook line” polyurethane paper, I found that when showing this book to my Dad he had put LOTION ON and touched the pages and GREASE SHOWS so the pages looked stained with that. I have heard that the more you write over water splotches/ink/stains it will disappear over time. I haven’t had it long enough to see this happen. The quality of the material is just plastic.

Overall, the Rocketbook Academic Planner has been a miss for me. It was attractive in theory, not in practice. The Rocketbook Beacons are great, however!

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