ROCCAT goes big in 2019 with two jumbo-size mousepads Taito Control XXL and Sense Vital Force available in stores now

ROCCAT kicks off the new year with two wide-orientation mousepads. Having an organized and sleek gaming desktop has become a growing desire for many gamers over the years. The Taito Control and Sense mousepad series are already well-known gaming surfaces, offering exceptional control and precision. The new wide variations within the series are a natural evolution for ROCCAT’s mousepad portfolio.

ROCCAT goes big in 2019

ROCCAT Taito Control XXL

The Taito Control features a smooth surface with enhanced command, perfect for those who prefer more resistance. Because with just the right amount of glide and utilizing only the finest materials, the Taito Control ensures perfect consistency. The Taito Control XXL has dimensions of 860 × 330 × 3.5mm. The Taito Control XXL is available now at the price of £29.99.

ROCCAT Sense Vital Force

So ROCCAT® engineers have created the Sense by taking an ultra-soft cloth upper structure and treating it with an advanced, friction-reducing coating. It’s ideal for quick and aggressive mouse jockeying on both the x- and y-axis. The Sense is 2mm slim and at 850 × 330mm will offer gamers more than enough space for high-speed combat. The Sense Vital Force is available at the price of £27.99.

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