Roar Gill Coffee Nespresso Pods and Beans Review

Roar Gill Coffee Nespresso Pods and Beans



Roar Gill Coffee is an independent company providing eco-friendly coffee capsules direct to your door. We source coffee from award-winning farms. Our Nespresso-compatible coffee pods are compostable, organic and pay above the minimum fairtrade price to farmers. Everybody wins!

Roar Gill Coffee Nespresso Pods and Beans Review

The Roar Gill Nespresso coffee subscription service starts at £17.50 (for 40 pods) and can go as high as £49.95 a month (for 120 pods). Though there are cheaper pods out there, you are paying for a bit more for more than the coffee. Roar Gill pay above the minimum fairtrade price to farmers, and the pods are compostable! This means that you can chuck them on the compost pile and you give mother nature a break.

Roar Gill Coffee Nespresso Pods and Beans Review

You can buy the packs of pods in a one-off purchase, or you can use the subscription service to save a bit of money (around 10%). The coffee pods can be delivered every 2, 4 or 6 weeks. This all depends on how much coffee you can drink. Each coffee delivery will have the farm and taste notes of the coffee, which brings you into the world a bit and appreciate what you are drinking. They also give you recommended sizes for the pods, so you don’t pull a lungo on an espresso pod.

The pods we were sent, were from a new farm. The taste was very dark, with an almond flavour to it. Though not very sweet, it wasn’t too bitter. We served it as a lungo, with milk and it tasted great.

We were also sent the El Salvador coffee beans. With a strength of 8, after brewing the coffee was very strong. There was a dark chocolate taste to it, with a sweet almost treacle flavour. The Cuzca Coffee (also known as the Cuzcachapa Cooperative) has been producing and exporting some of the best coffee beans in the world. This cooperative and mill host El Salvador’s Cup of Excellence competition each year. It pursues direct marketing and international direct trade relationships. These initiatives promote the social and economic betterment of coffee producers to deliver the highest return on their crop.

Roar Gill Coffee Nespresso Pods and Beans Review

With all that’s going on around Nespresso farms, now is a great time to make that switch a more eco-friendly supplier. Overall Roar Gill has found a niche, by producing combustible fairtrade coffee pods.

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