RHA T20 Wireless Earphones Review

RHA T20 Wireless Earphones



The RHA T20 Wireless Earphones combines RHA’s signature technologies in a portable tunable in-ear monitor. These can attach to a 3.5mm cable to deliver High-Res audio.

RHA T20 Wireless Earphones Review

The RHA T20 Wireless matches the design of other neckband earphones. The band is rubber with a dark matte look to it. The earbuds themselves are a bit larger then others I have used, this may be to hold the dual drivers inside. There are magnets on the end of each earbud, which is my favourite design choice for any neckband earphones.

The band itself has controls on one end, with the USB-C port, for all your quick charging needs. The right cable also has inline controls, including a play/pause button and volume controls. The big idea behind these is the dual-use. They can be used as wireless earphones or plugged into a 3.5mm cable. This means that you can use these for exercise and then plug them in at home for that high-res audio.

To add to the customization options, RHA has also included tuning filters along with earbuds of different sizes. The tuning filters include bass, treble and neutral. As you’d expect neutral is pre-installed and these are easily changeable. There are Comply earbuds included as well. I suggest taking the time to find the best fit and this will give you the best sound.

RHA T20 Wireless Earphones Features:

  • DualCoil™ drivers deliver peerless, immersive audio
  • Bass and treble boost via swappable tuning filters
  • Detachable stainless-steel housings
  • 12-hour Bluetooth neckband with high-fidelity aptX™
  • 3.5mm cable for high-resolution audio
  • Comfortable and ergonomic noise isolating design
  • Includes Comply™ Foam ear tips, carry case and sports clip
  • International 3-year warranty
RHA T20 Wireless Earphones Review

The T20 Wireless earphones are IP64 rated, meaning there’s protection from dust and slight moisture. But the USB-C port has no cover, so you don’t wanna get any moisture in there.

RHA decided to use a DualCoil driver and a voice coil to get the best sound. When using this with the bass filters, I was able to get a great deep bass sound with clear vocals. The filters mean that you can choose the sound you want before playing a track. There is aptX support, but no AAC.

RHA say battery life is 12 hours. I am able to get just over that in my testing. Call quality is OK, in windy areas you’ll have difficulty being heard. I also love that the neckband vibrates when there is a call!

RHA T20 Wireless Earphones Review

The T20 Wireless Earbuds are a must-have set of earphones. The fact I can wear them wirelessly, then plug them in when I want is a massive plus. Throw in the option to change the actual filter and these are a great pair of earphones. Finally, check out our other audio reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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