Review: Yoto Player Card Set – The Chronicles of Narnia

Yoto Player Card Set - The Chronicles of Narnia



As someone deeply engrossed in technology, audio, and storytelling, I was eager to get my hands on Yoto Player latest card set: The Chronicles of Narnia. With a £44.99 price tag and clocking in at a massive 33 hours and 52 minutes of content, my expectations were sky-high. But did the set meet them? The short answer is yes, but let’s dive into the details.

Packaging and Contents

Opening the Yoto box, you’ll find a neatly packaged set that includes all seven titles in C. S. Lewis’s famous series. Each audiobook comes as its individual card, allowing listeners to insert one into the Yoto Player and be whisked away to the magical realms of Narnia. It’s evident that a lot of thought has gone into the packaging, making the unboxing experience a delight.


It’s difficult to imagine a better choice of narrators for these timeless classics. The ensemble cast, including Kenneth Branagh, Michael York, and Patrick Stewart, brings each book to life in its unique way. Branagh’s narration of ‘The Magician’s Nephew’ sets the bar high, instilling the book with the ethereal, whimsical tone it deserves. Patrick Stewart’s sombre yet impactful delivery makes ‘The Last Battle’ a poignant listen.


The Chronicles of Narnia is a series that resonates with people of all ages, inviting them to explore deep philosophical and ethical questions within the framework of a captivating fantasy world. These audiobooks do justice to C.S. Lewis’s vision, making complex narratives accessible for the target age range of 8-14.

Audio Quality

Yoto has invested in top-notch audio engineering. The sound is crisp, the dialogue is clear, and the pacing is excellent. The rich audio landscape complements the storytelling, making it an immersive experience that’ll grab your attention from the get-go.

Educational and Entertainment Value

It’s hard to put a price on imagination, but Yoto makes a compelling case for £44.99. Not only do you get 34 hours of exceptional storytelling, but the set also serves as an educational tool that can spark in-depth conversations about good versus evil, the complexity of human emotions, and the consequences of our actions.

For Older Children and Adults

Yoto usually caters to younger children, but this Narnia set is a welcome addition to their offerings for older kids and adults. The complex themes and rich vocabulary serve as a great educational opportunity for pre-teens and teenagers. Adults who are fans of YA literature or just want to relive their childhood will also find immense value in this set.


The main drawback could be the price. £44.99 is not pocket change. However, considering the quality, duration, and the all-star cast of narrators, it’s a worthy investment. Another issue might be the length, which could feel overwhelming for younger kids, but this is mitigated by the flexibility to listen to one book at a time.


Yoto’s Chronicles of Narnia card set offers an impressive 33 hours of high-quality, well-narrated audio that captivates and educates. While the price might seem steep, the combination of top-notch narrators, crystal-clear audio quality, and the educational value makes this a worthwhile investment for families.

Rating: 9.5/10

The Chronicles of Narnia Yoto Player card set effortlessly translates a literary classic into an audio experience that will be cherished for years to come. It narrowly misses a perfect score due to its price point, but for those willing to invest, it’s a journey well worth taking.

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