Review Prominence Poker on the PlayStation 5

These days, more and more people are getting into console gaming. The global gaming console market reached revenues of $34.3 billion (£28.6 billion) in 2020. It is projected to grow by 5.37% up to 2030 due to this success.

Part of the reason for this growth is the dawn of a new generation of consoles, including the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. In its first year, the PS5 sold 13.4 million consoles while the Xbox X reportedly made 7 million sales. In line with the popularity of consoles comes the increasing variety of games available, one of which is poker. Prominence Poker is among the most popular options to play on both consoles today, but we’ll be reviewing it for the PS5.

What is Prominence Poker?

Prominence Poker is a free-to-play poker game from Pipeworks Studios that offers Texas Hold’em. It was first released in 2016 for the PS4, but it is now playable on the PS5. Since then, the game has had 3.1 million players, according to Pipeworks’ website.

Part of its popularity is gained from the fact that it’s a game with a backstory. Prominence Poker is set in the city of Prominence, a gaming paradise ruled by crooked goons whose goal is to prevent you from cashing out. As you play and win, you can take the poker empire from the hands of the final villain, The Mayor.

Pros of Prominence Poker

Immersive graphics

One of the likeable things about Prominence Poker is the cinematic graphics. The RPG elements present in the game make you feel that you’re really in Prominence. Instead of just a tabletop view, you can see other characters on the table as well and observe their moves, making the game all the more interactive.

Different game modes

Ring games, tournaments, and head-to-head are the different multiplayer game modes available. A ring game is a poker term that means that it’s a cash game. While there’s no real money involved in Prominence Poker, it still gives you the same thrill of ring game winning because you get in-game currencies. Meanwhile, head-to-head games allow you to play against just one other person. Tournaments give you the option to play for long periods against multiple opponents.

Single-player and multiplayer options

If you’re in single-player mode, you’ll be against a manipulative AI that is motivated to throw you off your poker game. On multiplayer, fellow Prominence Poker players from all over the world become your opponents. Either option ensures an exciting time because you can never know what strategy your opponent will have.

Cons of Prominence Poker

No cross-platform gaming

If you want to play Prominence Poker with a friend, both of you must have the same console. The game does not allow a PS5 user to play with a PS4 user or even someone who plays on Steam.

A limited number of supported players

While the game is multiplayer, it can only support up to 6 players online. This is a downside if you’re fond of playing poker with more opponents.

Prominence Poker is worth a try on the PS5 if you’re looking for a quality poker game with superb graphics, and a backstory that allows you to play alone or with other people. However, until it has better multiplayer support, it’s only well-suited for people who are fond of solo gaming.

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