Review of the QUOYA Smart Automatic Feeder: Your Pet’s New Best Friend

QUOYA Smart Automatic Feeder



Smart home tech isn’t just for humans anymore; our pets too can benefit from the conveniences it brings. The QUOYA Smart Automatic Feeder promises to make feeding your pet simpler and more consistent, but does it deliver on that promise? Let’s find out.

Smart and Convenient

Right off the bat, the QUOYA feeder earns points for its compatibility with Alexa, Siri, and even Apple Watch. The remote app control is both Android and iOS-friendly, enabling you to feed your pets from anywhere, at any time. Notably, it lacks Google and HomeKit compatibility, so that’s something to keep in mind if you’re committed to those ecosystems.

Portion Control and Scheduling

One of the best features of this feeder is the adjustable portion sizes. With 12 different options and up to 20 scheduled meals a day, you can customize feeding to your pet’s specific dietary needs. Owners of multiple pets can rejoice: the app allows multiple account sharing, so everyone in the family can take turns feeding Fido or Whiskers.

Quality and Design

The food-grade stainless steel tray is not only durable but also easily detachable, making it effortless to clean. A 6L food tank minimizes the frequency of refills, and the anti-clog feature ensures that your pet will get its meal on time, every time.

Backup Features

What stands out is the dual power supply feature. In case of power cuts, the backup AA battery slot will keep the feeder functional. However, the charging cable provided is not nylon braided as advertised, making it susceptible to pet-induced damage.

Review of the QUOYA Smart Automatic Feeder: Your Pet's New Best Friend

Setup and Usability

Although several users mentioned that the initial setup can be a bit tricky, the app is user-friendly once you get past that hurdle. The app also keeps a record of feeding times, helping you monitor your pet’s diet more closely. The voice activation feature is a gem; both Alexa and Siri work smoothly with it.


It’s important to note that the device needs a constant Wi-Fi connection and power socket. Additionally, the charging cable, being non-standard, isn’t easily replaceable. Some users also expressed a wish for the unit to be a bit higher off the ground. While not a deal-breaker, it’s something to consider if your pet prefers an elevated feeding station.

Customer Feedback

Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The feeder has been praised for its reliability, ease of use, and effective portion control. Some negative reviews pertained to inconsistent portion sizes over time, but such instances seem isolated.


The QUOYA Smart Automatic Feeder successfully blends convenience, functionality, and peace of mind into one robust package. While it has minor shortcomings, like the non-standard charging cable and the lack of Google compatibility, the pros far outweigh the cons. This device is particularly useful for pet owners who are full-time workers or frequently away from home. With all its smart features and reliable performance, feeding your pet has never been easier.



The QUOYA Smart Automatic Feeder is a standout product in the smart pet-care market. With its well-thought-out design, user-friendly interface, and excellent compatibility options, it’s a worthwhile investment for any pet owner.

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