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Remy Pod



The Remy Pod completely conforms to your body with zero pressure points. This relieves tension in your back to help with fatigue, stress, and aches.

Weighing just 4 kg, and taking up only 3 square feet, it’s is incredibly easy to move around and store. Filled with responsive high-density beads, the Pod mimics the sensations of Flotation Therapy, known to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Premium quality combined with great craftsmanship, it’s has been designed and made locally in the UK.

Opening the Pod was a little anticlimatic, as it arrived in an orange wrap and there was no branding at all inside. I would be hard pressed to say if this was the Remy Pod, there was no booklet or signage anywhere.

Spport is fantastic and I have ended up using this as my writing chair for my reviews. I can put this in the middle of the room with no back wall and I can sit on it without falling backwards.

After a long day, I can sit and recline in the Remy Pod and feel my back click and get comfy. It’s truly amazing how comftable this beanbag actually is.

Overall, I’m telling everyone to go out and buy a Remy Pod right now.

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