RapidX 2Tango Dual Fast Wireless Charger Review

RapidX 2Tango Dual Fast Wireless Charger



The RapidX 2Tango Dual Fast Wireless Charger can be used to charge 2 devices simultaneously. It’s compact & expandable design allows for 1 charging pad to quickly rotate into 2, allowing you to charge two devices at up to 10W speed each. 2Tango’s foldable design gives you the flexibility to charge at home, at the office, or when travelling.

RapidX 2Tango Dual Fast Wireless Charger Review

The brilliance of the 2tango is in its simplicity. All it is is two 10w wireless charging pads, that are connected via a hinge. This allows one to go on top of the other, dropping the size footprint down and making it portable. This is a charging pad, so you won’t be able to use it as a stand while it is charging.

The 2tango is powered by a USB-C cable. A 1.5m USB-C cable and a wall plug are all included with the wireless charger. This allows for fast charging, but can also work with a lower-powered USB port if you are happy with a slower charge.

The top is made from a glossy plastic, which I was worried would make it very slippery for devices. But there is a rubber plus on each one which grips your device. This reminds me of the old Apple design.

Each pad will pump out 10w of power, so you can quickly charge two devices in a pinch. We did have to find the right angle to lay the phones on it, as it did wobble a tad. Charging speeds are on-point of what we thought they’d be.

RapidX 2Tango Dual Fast Wireless Charger Review

Overall, the RapidX 2Tango Dual Fast Wireless Charger is great. Its compact size is great for people on the go. Though I am not a massive fan of charging speeds via wireless, I was blown away by the design.

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