Railway Empire Nintendo Switch Review

Railway Empire Nintendo Switch



In Railway Empire on Nintendo Switch, you will create an elaborate and wide-ranging rail network, purchase over 40 different trains modelled in extraordinary detail, and buy or build railway stations, maintenance buildings, factories and tourist attractions to keep your travel network ahead of the competition. You’ll also need to hire and manage your workforce if you want to ensure an efficient train service, whilst also develop over 300 technologies ranging from mechanical improvements to the trains themselves to workplace infrastructures and advanced amenities as you progress through five eras of technological innovations.

Railway Empire Nintendo Switch Review

Railway Empire Nintendo Switch Trailer

The game starts with a much-needed tutorial to show you how to build a basic track. Starting up is easy enough with a couple of prompts and the controls are simple to pick up. But when you get into the nitty-gritty parts of the game the instructions became unclear and I started to get stuck quite a bit.

Trains are chosen for specific tasks, and you can add-on workers and more carriages if you want. You then have to select the route for the trains to take. This whole process is made difficult by the unintuitive interface and lack of on-screen prompts. Though something about zooming out to just watch the trains go by is quite a nice perk.

Railway Empire Nintendo Switch Review

There is a realistic mode, which I didn’t like. You can only have one train on a track and this can cause a lot of traffic. There are also thing slike businesses you can buy, and upgrade your trains with perks. Perks will increase your traveller numbers. There is so much to this game, that you will have to dedicate a huge portion to learning the controls and how the game works.

The look of the game reminds me a lot of Tropico. It’s got a very realistic look to it, and you can zoom right in to see all the details. The colour is very plain and dull, but this is to enhance the realism of the game. Sounds are very on point with it sounding like a train station.

Railway Empire Nintendo Switch Review

Overall, Railway Empire on Nintendo Switch is a must-have for train enthusiasts. This is a vast game with lots of things to do, but you have to have the time to learn it. Finally, check out Jabba Reviews. Also, follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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