R.B.I Baseball 19 Nintendo Switch Review

I am not a baseball fan, and after playing R.B.I Baseball 19, I’m still not. It’s fun and simple, but very difficult to learn. I did find myself frustrated a lot of the time. Then there were little sparks of joy I had when hitting a home run.

R.B.I Baseball 19 Nintendo Switch Review

The graphics and a style match of a modern AAA game. But when you get into it, there are flaws which are impossible to miss. There are two offline modes, franchise, and home run derby. Then there is exhibition mode, which has local and online multiplayer. These work out to be around an hours worth of play for a full game. When using on the Switch is great, as that is the kinda game you wanna play.

R.B.I Baseball 19 Nintendo Switch Review

The big issue is the lack of bells and whistles. The graphics are a little greyscale. They look good on handheld mode, but on TV and when running it looks a bit choppy. There isn’t much fanfare to the game, with no witty commentary. Even the home run, lacks a punchy over the top animation.

R.B.I Baseball 19 Nintendo Switch Video

The controls were the hardest part for me to get into. Pitching doesn’t allow you to choose where your ball is thrown to. You can use the joysticks to move and pick the speed. But this doesn’t feel as tight as being able to choose the destination. Batting is the same, there are two buttons and that’s it. There is no strength bar or aiming functionality.

R.B.I Baseball 19 Nintendo Switch Review

Catching the ball is fun, as you can see where it is going to land. This is via a shrinking circle on the floor. You can then use the 3 buttons to throw the ball to any of the bases.

R.B.I Baseball 19 isn’t a bad game. It’s a fun pick up and play deal, with handheld graphics. Finally, check out our other gaming reviews.

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