QuietOn Sleep Earbuds Review

QuietOn Sleep Earbuds



QuietOn Sleep Earbuds effectively cancel snoring, traffic noise or other ambient sounds. They provide you with a quieter environment to sleep, focus and feel better. Take action now and make a positive impact on your wellbeing and managing your everyday life.

QuietOn Sleep Earbuds Review

QuietOn Sleep Earbuds Review

The QuietOn Sleep Earbuds don’t have any Bluetooth or a separate app. You simply put them in your ears and press the single button. They then block out noise and help you sleep. The single button turns them into Silent or Hearing mode. So if you want you can turn to allow sound back in if needed.

I was impressed by the battery life, I was able to get around 25 hours from these. The charging case is micro-USB, so don’t expect a fast charge in an emergency. I found charging took around an hour. The case is small and light sue it lacking any internal battery, so I tend to keep it plugged in by my bed.

As you’d imagine the QuietOn Earbuds are a lot smaller than others, as they lack drivers etc. They fit right inside my ear and allow me to sleep on my side without any discomfort. You will have to play around with the eartips as you need the best fit to get the most of the nosie-cancellation.

The button on the earbud is raised, so easy to find in the dark. But I found that I ended up just taking them out to listen. I was a little let down by the lack of any battery indicator, one night they just stopped midway through me trying to sleep. Which is why I ended up charging them every morning.

Overall, if you are disturbed by sounds in the night, the QuietOn Sleep Earbuds are a great choice. Finally, check out our other audio reviews.

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