Questyle M15 Mobile Lossless DAC Headphone Amplifier Review

Questyle M15 Mobile Lossless DAC Headphone Amplifier



In this complex world, we pursue simplicity. The era of 5G has brought music streaming from smart devices fully into the mainstream. As more and more music platforms launch lossless audio streaming services, mobile hi-res audio has changed from a neat gimmick into a real and growingly popular way to enjoy high-fidelity music. However, it’s often impractical to use traditional HiFi audio equipment with your smartphone on-the-go, due to size and power consumption. To solve this problem, the Questyle M15 Mobile Lossless DAC Headphone Amplifier was born: it distils all of Questyle’s expertise and technologies into an amazingly powerful yet compact mobile DAC & amp.

Don’t be fooled by its small size. The M15 offers uncompromising performance and best-in-class fidelity, giving you the ultimate portable audio experience. Welcome to the world of truly mobile HiFi.

Questyle M15 Mobile Lossless DAC Headphone Amplifier Review

What caught my interest in the M15, to be honest, is its looks and design. Let us admit it, if it looks good, we hope it sounds good too. Apart from looking sleek, the M15 is my best experience in terms of source. My best one yet. I’m a technical-oriented listener, for the main reason that my main profession is being a pro-gigging musician. I always have a sweet spot for critical listening and I really have a high benchmark even if the sound is towards clinical presentation. But the M15 is not at all like that. It has rich dynamics, soul, and emotion portrayed character. It is just a very neutral and transparent sound presentation.

Driving power is very decent although not the most powerful dongle in town. It is surely an upgrade from my Hidizs ap80pro. M15 at 25% listening level while the ap80pro at 43% listening level. Driving full-sized cans I still have to explore. I have an Audeze headphone on the way, maybe 2 weeks from now, and I will update this review once I pair the two.

As for portability, I have some caveats on this. My listening setup with the M15 is somewhat a semi-stationary one. It is too large and heavy to be left hanging with my phone on commutes and is awkward to move with it while I’m moving around the house doing my daily routine and chores. It is not a true on-the-go setup in my case.

Overall, the Questyle M15 Mobile Lossless DAC Headphone Amplifier offers quality normally found in £500 DACS.

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