Purr and Miaow Healthy Cat Food Review

Purr and Miaow Healthy Cat Food



Purr and Miaow healthy cat food, is the cat brand from Pooch & Mutt, founded over a decade ago by Guy Blaskey. Purr and Miaow are based in Clapham, SW London. It is one of the few pet food companies, where you can call the office and speak to the founder, who is still making the decisions, in the interests of your pets. Purr and Miaow / Pooch & Mutt works with the top pet food manufacturers in the UK and across Europe, To bring your cats the food that they deserve.

Purr and Miaow Healthy Cat Food Review

I have a 5-year-old cat, who has a sensitive stomach and so far this food seems to be a winner. My big worry with him and food are that I don’t want anything that may set him off. But this seems to agree with him and doesn’t cause him any issues.

Purr and Miaow Healthy Cat Food Review

Purr and Miaow Healthy Cat Food Review

The consistency of the food is an even split of broth to meat. This makes it easy to pour into his bowl. The smell of this was very off-putting to start with, but the cat didn’t seem to mind. The meat of the food isn’t immediately noticeable as chicken meat as some high meat content food but equally, it is nowhere near the processed mushed together substance heavily hidden by gravy in other well-known brands.

Purr and Miaow Healthy Cat Food Review

By far the biggest positive for me though is the fact that my cat is managing to keep food down and as a result is a much more content cat. His coat has also improved significantly too. It is amazingly soft and fluffy and the food is the only noticeable difference. I have also started to feed him the dried food too and that is also a big hit.

Purr and Miaow Healthy Cat Food Review

I was a little concerned about the sodium content stated in the ingredient list and was told:

“We do not add any sodium chloride to the food. However, there is a natural sodium present and is about 0.3-0.4%”.

All in all, this is a winning food for me and my cat. I would recommend this for cats with sensitive digestive systems. Finally, check out our other lifestyle reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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