VARIDESK Pro Plus Standing Desk Solution Review

VARIDESK ProPlus Standing Desk Solution



More and more offices are turning to active working to enhance their employees’ work space, and a standing desk has become a huge part of the movement. VARIDESK’s ProPlus standing desk solution is designed to encourage movement with the minimum of disruption. Here’s how the desk performed for us.

ProPlus Standing Desk Solution

The concept of an active workspace is centered around the idea that a mobile, adaptable environment makes for healthier and more productive employees. There is no arguing with the science and data, which is why VARIDESK have a whole page of research links backing up their products – you can check that out here if you’re interested. Suffice to say that “Employees who move more during the day are healthier, happier, and more productive.”

I enjoyed using the ProPlus standing desk solution. It comes fully assembled, which is a huge plus as it’s ready-to-go straight from the box. Delivery was straightforward, but this is a heavy product in a big package, so it is better to have it delivered to point of use. Shipping is free through the VARIDESK site and that covers both UK and EU shipments, with a typical lead time of 3 – 5 days and I was happy that mine arrived on day three.

ProPlus Standing Desk Solution

VARIDESK Pro Plus Standing Desk Solution Review

Because I wanted to try active working and wasn’t prepared to shell out on a whole new desk unnecessarily, the ProPlus was a good choice as it is a solution that sits on top of your traditional desk and elevates the monitors and keyboard. The two-tier design has an upper surface for your monitors and it is big enough for dual-display set ups. The lower surface is the keyboard and mouse deck, which means that when you convert from sitting to standing you don’t have to move your peripherals separately.

The desk feels sturdy and has a spring-assisted lift which is operated by dual handles to adjust the height. The 11 height settings are flexible and it was quick to adjust to the correct level for me. I really like the black metal design, but it is available in white, darkwood, or butcher block styles which means you have a good chance of matching your existing office style. The unit looks industrial with the metal frame and mechanism exposed, which gives a modern feel.

ProPlus Standing Desk Solution

After a month of using the ProPlus standing desk solution I am generally very happy. At 6ft I have it fully extended and have noticed my monitors wobbling at this setting. It also takes up a lot of space at full height because it extends slightly outwards too which is a big problem in a smaller space. Overall, this is a wonderful solution for most large offices who want their employees to benefit from active work.  

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