PositronX PC Game Review

PositronX PC Game



PositronX on PC is a futuristic rogue-lite fps. Featuring fast-paced combat, creative movement, time control mechanics and breathtaking visuals. Each playthrough giving you a unique experience.

PositronX PC Game Review

PositronX PC Game Review

After playing for a while, PositronX feels like a rougelite version of Doom. It’s very faced paced, big guns and fantastic gameplay mechanics. This isn’t a game I heard anything about, so was very impressed by how well the game played. Movement is fluid and allows you to wall jump. While shooting is solid and feels right at home. To keep things getting stale, you can change your character, which gives you different health and weapons. Some higher health characters will have a slower speed and vice versa.

Enemies are pretty faceless, with them being robotics characters. They have a variety of weapons, so you need to take them out first. There are boss levels, but these are just stronger versions of the basic enemies. Each time you complete a room, you get a chest, this gives you an upgrade. These upgrades vary from new weapons or abilities but choose the right one or you may not make it through the level.

PositronX PC Game Review

I was a little underwhelmed by the level design. Though they are randomly generated, they aren’t much to look at. The advantage of the fast-paced gameplay is you never stop longe enough to enjoy the view. I was also put off by the constant loading screens, that happens when I go into another room. The soundtrack rocks, and plays perfectly with the movement and shooting. This probably plays into why I feel like this is a Doom clone.

PositronX PC Game Review

Overall, PositronX on PC is an OK Rougelite. Movement and gunplay is smooth and fun. The look of the enemies and level design got bland quickley. Finally, check out our site for other reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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