PNY PowerPack Slim 5000 Review

PNY PowerPack Slim 5000



The PNY PowerPack Slim 5000 is a feather-weight portable battery pack that allows for on-the-go charging of your smartphone or tablet.

PNY PowerPack Slim 5000

This battery pack is very compact and perfect for slipping into a pocket if you’re anything like me and need to charge on the move, literally. It is slim and lightweight which means this has become my go-to battery pack for when I’m away from the house or office. With only one USB output the PowerPack Slim isn’t great for every situation as you can only charge one device at a time.

The matte black metal design is attractive and the PNY logo isn’t obtrusive. The easy to read LED battery level indication lights are a nice touch as they allow you to see at a touch of the power button how much charge you have remaining in the battery. With 5000 mAh capacity, you will see about three full phone charges between charging the PowerPack Slim, which is impressive for such a small battery pack.

PNY PowerPack Slim 5000

I’d have liked to see this product with a USB-C option rather than the micro-USB, but at least you get a cable with the PowerPack. The USB output is universal so you can charge a wide range of devices, but to recharge the battery pack you need to have micro-USB available. This battery comes pre-charged so it’s ready to go straight out the box. The battery inside is a premium rechargeable Lithuim-polymer battery which can withstand repeated recharging.

PNY PowerPack Slim 5000

PNY PowerPack Slim 5000 Specs

  • Easy to read LED battery level indicators
  • Micro-USB cable included for charging devices and the PowerPack
  • Universal USB output for wide range of devices
  • Premium quality rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery
  • Universal USB output for wide range of devices
  • Pre-charged and ready to use
  • Works with smartphones & tablets
  • 1 Year Warranty

For a back up battery, this is a good choice. It won’t add significant weight to your backpack but will provide extended battery life three times over. Having said that, I’d not mind it being a little larger to allow for dual outputs, and a USB-C connection would be ideal. The 10000 mAh PowerPack would be my choice as it has two USB outputs and doubles the charging capacity.

You can find the PNY PowerPack Slim range here. Buy the Slim 5000 on Amazon.

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