Periodic Audio Magnesium IEM Earbuds Review

The Periodic Audio Magnesium IEM Earbuds utilize a high magnesium content alloy (96% pure) for the diaphragm material. Magnesium may be the lowest cost IEM in our stable but it is by no means a slouch, earning the coveted Top Pick from Stereo Review. High performance, affordable price, and extreme comfort make a potent combination.

Magnesium is the least dense of all stable metals. Magnesium is also very high in the stiffness-to-weight ratio, and that is why it’s used in automotive and aerospace applications. These two properties result in a highly efficient, low-distortion transducer foundation.

Periodic Audio Magnesium IEM Earbuds Review

First of all, these have a warm sound, with punchy low end and rolled-off highs. Despite this, I think they have a slightly airy sound with pretty decent separation and clear vocals, and, though they are definitely better for EDM and such, they do not falter very much for other genres, such as classic rock. They came with a huge selection of tips, other accessories, and a carrying can.

All this is nice, however, I’ve found the build quality and QC (sorry for the bad pic) to be quite lackluster. This, and the dinky little wire with no in-line controls, make the only redeeming factor its sound. Good thing it does have pretty great sound, at least for its price ($100).
One last grievance I had was that the IEMs don’t even have a left and right indicator on them! SAD!

Overall, the Periodic Audio Magnesium IEM Earbuds are OK, just a bit of fine tuning is needed.

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