PaMu Quiet Mini ANC Earphones Review

PaMu Quiet Mini ANC Earphones



A good pair of earphones must have great sound quality. PaMu earphones always seek the best sound quality, and pushed the bar higher and higher. The PaMu Quiet Mini ANC Earphones are an excellent HI-FI earphone with extremely deep subwoofer and fast dynamic response; excellent bass elasticity, clear gradation; full and bright midrange, smooth and balanced; rich treble details.

PaMu Quiet Mini ANC Earphones Review

The design choice is to stabilize the earbud in your ear. They are designed to eliminate the stethoscope effect. This is done by designing these with precision vents to open the silicon and equalize the pressure. Also, the weight of earbuds is only 5.1g per ear, so they feel lighter then air. The included tips offer a secure fit while keeping out a lot of sounds. This allowed me to keep them relatively low volume, as highs were rather rattly. The case is small and compact. Also, it fits perfectly in a pocket. 

PaMu Quiet Mini ANC Earphones Whats in the box:

  • PaMu Quiet Earbuds (fitted with medium eartips) 
  • Charging case 
  • Small and Large eartips 
  • Type-C USB Cable 
  • User manual 
  • Warning and declarations 
  • Quick practice card 
  • Carry bag

I loved playing music through these. Low ranges sounded soft and had a nice punch of bass to them. While high range tracks had enough thump in them without choking the middle range.

The PaMu Quiet Mini is different from other active noise cancelling earphones. This is because they uses both feedback and feed-forward noise cancellation. This helps deliver a better active noise cancelation experience with hybrid noise cancellation. 

Silence is great for listening to music, but there are times when you need to hear the outside world as well. You can easily switch from “ANC ON” “Transparency” “ANC OFF” by holding down the the button for three seconds. 

The free PaMu app, lets you customize touch controls, check your battery life, manage your Bluetooth connections and more. It’s also how you get software updates with new features they are working on. Padu have added the Gaming mode and EQ sound effect switch in the app, which can be selected in the app according to personal listening preferences. 

Overall, the PaMu Quiet Mini ANC Earphones are packed full of features and offer fantastic hybird ANC. Finally, check out our other audio reviews.

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