OXO UK 9″ Whisk Review

OXO UK 9″ Whisk


Use the OXO UK 9″ Whisk to beat eggs, stir batter, whip cream and stir sauces with ease. The OXO UK whisks feature polished stainless steel wires and teardrop-shaped handles that fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. The soft handle won’t slip, even on wet hands.

I purchased this whisk recently to replace a cheap whisk I’d been making do with for a long time. There is a very notable difference between the two. My old one had a silicone covering on the wires, which over time, had started to come loose at the ends. I didn’t like having to spend a long time washing it to ensure nothing was caught under the silicone layer, making it unhygienic. The handle was shiny, thin and cylindrical with a sharp edge to it so wasn’t terribly comfortable for long-term use.

OXO UK 9″ Whisk Review

OXO UK 9″ Whisk Review

The Oxo whisk, on the other hand, is an absolute joy to use. It is neither too lightweight nor too heavy; it has just the right amount of weight behind it, making it perfectly balanced. This ensures easy, more efficient whipping so you won’t be working at that bowl of cream for what seems like a lifetime. The handle has a nice soft grip to it preventing unwanted friction whilst in use and the wider shape makes it feel very natural to hold. It also washes up easily by hand since there’s no fiddly silicone covering on it but is indeed dishwasher safe too.

As a professional chef, I have used many types and brands of whisks in work and something which can be quite common is the wires coming loose after heavy usage. The wires on the Oxo whisk, however, are very sturdy without being clunky and are held firmly in place with a little resin giving this whisk the longevity that many cheaper whisks lack. That being said, it’s also great value for how well-designed it is.

If you are someone who is looking for one good quality, versatile whisk and are not sure which size to choose, I’d recommend you go for the 11-inch (28cm) over this smaller 9-inch one. The 11-inch is a good all-rounder, whereas the actual head of the latter is probably smaller than you would imagine. The size and extra wire in the larger version will also mean less strenuous work on your arm!

Overall, the OXO UK 9″ Whisk is a wonderful product from a highly regarded company, that I see myself using for many years to come.

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