Oxo Scoop & Smash Avocado Tool Review

Oxo Scoop & Smash Avocado Tool



Oxo’s scoop & smash avocado tool makes perfect guacamole or avocado toast! This nifty tool has an innovative design for achieving the perfect texture of mashed avocado. Enjoy a chunky Mexican guacamole or smooth creamy mashed avocado to spread on toast and top with poached eggs.

The 4-blade design of this scoop and smash tool delivers a downward movement when mashing. This gives you more control, which is key to achieving your desired texture. The tool has one silicone blade which is extra flexible – perfect for scraping the sides or spooning onto your dish. This scoop-and-smash tool also works for creamy mashed potatoes, minced beef and smooth cake batters.

Oxo Scoop & Smash Avocado Tool Review

Unfortunately, I found this to be very poorly designed. The blades that slice the avo are set back from the edge of the device so it can’t cut all the way through it. The avo just gets squashed into the blades and hangs there! You need to get a spoon/knife to free the rest of the avo which makes getting the gadget pointless and that’s what I had to use previously. I just now have a third utensil to wash up now!

Also, the stone remover is poor, the gap between the metal blades is so small, it can’t even grip the smallest stone. The gap is much smaller than in the photos. Just looks and feels cheap. Again I have to use a spoon to grab it and dispose of it. I go through about 1-2 avos a day and I’ve waited a week to review it but it’s sadly not a helpful gadget at all.

Overall, the Oxo Scoop & Smash Avocado Tool will not be getting put into my kitchen drawer.

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