Oxo Good Grips Kitchen & Herb Scissors Review

Oxo Good Grips Kitchen & Herb Scissors



Make sure you always have these Oxo Good Grips Kitchen & Herb Scissors to hand for cutting anything from cardboard to flowers to herbs. These kitchen and herb scissors have a soft and comfortable grip with two cushioned pads to reduce pressure while you cut, while a herb stripper above the handles allows you to quickly and easily remove herbs from their tough stems. A micro-serrated blade will grip items securely and prevent any slipping, and cleaning couldn’t be easier as the two blades are separable.

Oxo Good Grips Kitchen & Herb Scissors Review

Oxo Good Grips Kitchen & Herb Scissors Features:

  • Hardened stainless steel blades easily cut through twine, cardboard, meat, vegetables and more
  • Cushioning pads on the grip absorb pressure while cutting
  • The Herb stripper effectively removes fresh herbs from tough stems and the micro-serrated blade grips items securely and prevents slipping
  • Blades separate for thorough and easy cleaning

After a couple of weeks, I think these are a fantastic pair of scissors! I bought these to replace the old ones that I have had for 20 years, exactly the same – well worth the money if they last another 20! Also, the cut is sharp and precise and the herb stripper is great too. Really easy to clean as they come apart.

Overall, the Oxo Good Grips Kitchen & Herb Scissors are a great addition to the kitchen.

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