OTOUCH CHIVEN2 Vibrating Masturbator Review

OTOUCH CHIVEN2 Vibrating Masturbator



The OTOUCH CHIVEN2 Vibrating Masturbator is the worlds first heating oral sex masturbator.

OTOUCH CHIVEN2 Vibrating Masturbator Review


  • Material: Silicone, ABS plastic
  • Size: 76*80*130 mm
  • Vibrate Mode: 6 Frequency
  • Water Resistance: IPX6
  • Certification: CE, RoHS, FDA

The Chiven2 comes with 6 different kinds of vibrations, a heat setting and its waterproof. A big plus is that the sound is less than 60dB, so just having the TV on will drown it out. The heat setting can be adjusted to match the temperature of the human body. 

The inside uses soft medical silicone, to recreate the touch of real human skin. The vibration mode creates a vacuum so that the elastic silicone sticks to your beef thermometer. As with all toys, a lubricant is prefered.

This is IPX6 waterproof, so it can be washed or even submerged in water. Though it is not recommended to be submerged for a long time. This makes it a perfect bath accessory if you are into that sort of thing.

The outside of the Chiven2 is made from a hard ABS material, with grippy matte design. The inside uses soft medical silica gel, which makes it easy to clean and stops bacteria growing. The Large capacity battery will give you an hours use from a two-hour charge.

Overall, The OTOUCH CHIVEN2 Vibrating Masturbator is a good cheap option for a sex toy. It’s light and portable, so great to bring with you as you travel.

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