OneOdio ON55 Wired Vocal Microphone Review

OneOdio ON55 Wired Vocal Microphone Review



The OneOdio ON55 Wired Vocal Microphone offers a performance level sound head with cardioid pickup pattern, and clear and bright tone. Audio compression expansion technology is adopted to enhance the dynamic range. The anti-howling function is set to effectively reduce the impact of ambient noise, and the sound quality is more pure.

The ON55 wired dynamic microphone has a wider frequency response and higher sound pressure tolerance, with amazing detail and powerful vocals under a sturdy moving coil design. It is suitable for both stage and recording studio.

A 16ft XLR to 6.35mm cable made of copper core wire wrapped with soft adhesive. After annealed and softened, the copper core wire is produced by painting and baking for many times, creating an enthusiast level sound quality; the pure copper core plug has high resistance to external electromagnetic interference, with no noise and current sound.

OneOdio ON55 Wired Vocal Microphone Review

OneOdio ON55 Wired Vocal Microphone Review

OneOdio ON55 Dynamic Vocal Microphone: This is a great Mic for the price. It’s well constructed with a nice metal build which gives it a bit of weight and solidity. It responds well to frequency ranges 40Hz-15kHz, so won’t cut off your Highs.

It has a built-in pop screen and internal anti-Schock sponge to reduce handling noise. I’m particularly pleased with the extra long cable, it provides options to roam. I’m planning to use directly into my mixer for pod-casts but of course it offers a wide range of uses such directly into an amp or speakers for speeches or even to practice your singing! It, usefully, captures immediately directional audio, but doesn’t pick-up surrounding ambient noise, great for most purposes but might be a little limiting if your planning to share the Mic.

The 180 degree rotatable fixing clip is plastic but very sturdy and won’t move unexpectedly once secured. Additionally it comes with a well written information pamphlet.

Overall, at just under £39 the OneOdio ON55 Wired Vocal Microphone is a real bargain.

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