OneOdio A11 Bluetooth Headphones Review

OneOdio A11 Bluetooth Headphones



Build quality of the OneOdio A11 Bluetooth Headphones can’t complain at all. I have a bit of a large head and they withstand some stretching and even when on the ears they aren’t too tight or even on the smaller head of my wife too loose, so accommodating either way.

OneOdio A11 Bluetooth Headphones Review

The earpads feel snug, I mainly use these when working out, the main reason for getting them, so not too concerned about sweat build up in the cups. So far the sweat hasn’t caused any issues with the soft leather. The padded headband again is comfortable and doesn’t slip even when doing any explosive lifts working out.

Audio quality, well noise cancelling isn’t too bad, wasn’t expecting anything to compare with my Sharkk which are awesome but these do well enough. In the home gym, the external sounds are minimal and I slam the bar on the rack a fair bit.

OneOdio A11 Bluetooth Headphones Review

Bluetooth connectivity seems to be good, the common ability to be able to pair with two devices is ideal. I use both my MP3 player and phone and switch between them easily enough when working out. I’ve got into the habit of using my Bluetooth MP3 player again as long gym sessions deplete the phone battery prematurely. Like most headphones, battery saving mode is possible using the audio cable which I have found to provide louder and clearer audio.

Audio quality, is better than what I call a middle of the road experience, not bad for the money but in the natural unconfigured state there seems to be some clouding in the mid-range but some adjustment of the phone equalizer app and things get a lot better. Audio quality on most headphones can be flat and that’s where tone adjustment apps or built-in features change things altogether.

The high end can be a little crispy and again adjustment of tones sorts this out. The super eq button, which requires a couple of second press, make the bass gets a little louder, well it’s more of a loudness button than a bass booster but as with any headphones tone adjustment makes the bass lively. Basically, if you don’t manipulate tones on the music playing pretty much all headphones will sound flat, muddy or lacking oomph.

The pleather carry case is a good inclusion, keeps the cables and cans together and a little protected when not in use.

Overall, the OneOdio A11 Bluetooth Headphones are a great pair of headphones for the price and I’d recommend them!

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