Ohsnap Phone Grip Review

OhSnap Phone Grip



The Ohsnap Phone Grip is a non-invasive, premium phone grip that makes it simple and easy to use your phone, no matter the circumstance. It adheres directly to your phone or phone case and provides tremendous functionality without sacrificing fashion or bulk. Ohsnap provides incredible utility while remaining so sleek and thin that you won’t even notice it’s there until you need it.

Ohsnap Phone Grip Review

Pressing the centre circle of the Ohsnap releases the finger band. Use the “U” shape as a grip or connect the ends to make a complete loop. With a finger through the loop, phone drops are next to impossible.

Also, the Ohsnap can be used as a snap-up kickstand. Watch videos hands-free at the best viewing angle. Utilize magnetic surfaces like refrigerators, workout machinery, and magnetic car grips to place your phone somewhere convenient while you multi-task.

Ohsnap Phone Grip Review

Whether you’re capturing content or playing it back, switching between portrait and landscape mode is easy thanks to the Ohsnap’s 360 degrees of constant friction rotation. Ohsnap allows you to reach every inch on your phone by sliding up and down.

Get a more secure grip on your phone while you’re using it, and easily slide it in your pocket or pocket book when you’re not. Ohsnap is less than 3mm thick.

Aircraft-grade aluminium, steel, and satiny silicone resulting in a premium feel and ultimate reliability.

Ohsnap Phone Grip Review

You can unstick and re-apply Ohsnap multiple times! If the adhesive gets dirty, wash it with water. Once dry, the adhesive should be as strong as ever, however, the adhesive may start to wear after 6-8 re-sticks.

Overall, the Ohsnap Phone Grip is now the world’s first and only phone grip that checks all the boxes that other products to date have not been able to. You deserve a no-compromise phone experience.

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