Oclean X10 Smart Electric Toothbrush Review

Oclean X10 Smart Electric Toothbrush



The Oclean X10 Smart Electric Toothbrush adopts advanced technology to provide visualized Emoji brushing report feedback and auto-generated supplementary toothbrushing plans if needed. An Interactive smart oral care experience like no others.

I was surprised that at the price (£84.99 at the time of writing) that this toothbrush only comes with one head and a quick search on Amazon found that they are quite expensive to replace, more than my old slimline oral B ones, which is why I was after a new toothbrush.

The brush head is quite hard, so it gives a deep clean to the teeth. It doesn’t hurt as you don’t need to scrub with a sonic toothbrush, but you do need to be aware not to brush too hard.

Oclean X10 Smart Electric Toothbrush Review

Oclean X10 Smart Electric Toothbrush Review

The toothbrush arrived fully charged and for some reason you have to select a language, I don’t know why, I didn’t see anything that I had to read on it when I was using it. Once the language is selected, you can then go ahead and use it to brush your teeth. Once done, the brush gives you a smiley face if you have cleaned your teeth properly. Apparently, it will give you a brushing regime if you don’t do it right, so maybe that’s why you have to select a language. This is the only smart feature of this brush, you don’t need an app, it doesn’t play music while you brush your teeth and it doesn’t connect to your WI-FI or anything like that, so it is simple to use; no fuss.

It has a nice feel in the hand, it is streamline and easy to hold and use. Also, it looks nice in the pink and it even has an indicator light that tells you when it needs charging. It charges with a provided USB cable, so no need for a shaver point. It also comes with a magnetic sticky pad that you can use to stick it to the wall if you want to; I have a toothbrush sanitiser in my bathroom so I don’t need that.

Overall, I like the Oclean X10 Smart Electric Toothbrush, my only quibble is that there was only one head provided and that the heads are expensive.

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