Oclean X Pro Elite Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review

Oclean X Pro Elite Sonic Electric Toothbrush



I was looking into getting a new electric toothbrush. I came across the Oclean X Pro Elite Sonic Electric Toothbrush, and dismissed it at first, as I was frankly not too interested in the screen/app / Bluetooth and all the bells and whistles. But after looking at the price of the competition I decided to give it a go.

I received the toothbrush, and it is smaller than the Sonicare. You can use it without the app, as you can change parameters straight from the screen by swiping up and down. However, the app offers extra features, like other cleanings “plans” and a countdown so you know how long you have been using the brush head etc.

Oclean X Pro Elite Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review

Oclean X Pro Elite Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review

After the first use, I must admit that the toothbrush worked well. Your teeth feel very clean after brushing (even cleaner than brushing with my previous Sonicare).

The intelligent touch, allows you to customize your brushing plan on your toothbrush and check product information. It features 8 zones of blind spot detection, 30-second zone reminders, and a 2-3 minutes brushing timer. Also, its ultra-quiet, operating at a noise lower than 45 dB. It comes with a wireless charging base, taking 3.5 hours to fully charge. The battery life is around 35 days.

You get a score after every brushing, but it does inform you which area you have been neglecting, so you can be more careful next brushing session. I shall show off, and mention I always get a score of 90+/100.

I have used this toothbrush for almost a month, and I am still very happy with it. I can use the toothbrush screen to check that my toothbrush has the latest firmware and that I do not have to change my brush head. In that period, I have only had to charge the toothbrush once.

Finally, I would recommend the Oclean X Pro Elite Sonic Electric Toothbrush. It performs very well, charges fast and doesn’t need constant recharging.

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  1. I stopped my search for the best electric toothbrush in the market because I just found one a little over a month ago; literally after I read this blog. I have to say, Oclean X Pro Elite really does the job and more!

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