Oclean W1 Cordless Water Flosser Review

Oclean W1 Cordless Water Flosser



The Oclean W1 Cordless Water Flosser uses water and air mixing to make cleaning between teeth more effective. Its size and design allow it to become a magical device that can replace traditional dental floss.

Oclean W1 Cordless Water Flosser Review

I was a little taken aback by the size of the thing as it’s certainly not small! However, in use, its size isn’t an issue and makes for easy use.

In the box, you will find the main unit, two flossing tips and the charger cable. Out of the box, the unit took about an hour to fully charge and boy does it hold the charge. I’m now only on my second charge after a couple of months of using morning and night. Just charge the unit, fit the flossing tip, fill the water Reservoir and away you go.

Oclean W1 Cordless Water Flosser Review

On first using the flosser I would recommend the gentle setting until you get used to it. After that, the clean setting will shift anything that gets stuck in your teeth.

You will find your own way to use the flosser. But, on first use, you may find more water ends up on the walls and floor than in your mouth! But it’s easy to get used to and you’ll soon learn to avoid a dribbling extravaganza!

If you have sensitive teeth, put tepid water in the water reservoir to avoid any tooth sensitivity pain you may have. In the warmer months, I refill the water reservoir directly after use with cold water (morning and evening) and find the water temperature the next time I use it perfectly with no sensitivity pain at all.

It is surprising the amount of muck this flosser removes and you will notice a massive difference in the gaps between your teeth… And seeing this alone will make you use it twice a day and not feel like a chore.

One thing to note. The on button is situated in an odd position (well for me anyway) and I’ve ended up accidentally spraying the bathroom on many an occasion… But, it’s just water and not an issue.

Overall, I can hand on heart recommend the Oclean W1 Cordless Water Flosser. Also, if like me you are someone who struggled with normal floss or not bothered flossing at all, I suggest you try this (not so little) marvel and make your smile a little bit brighter and perhaps your breath a little fresher.

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