Nudient Thin Case Review

Nudient Thin Case



The Nudient Thin Case goal is to protect your phone with the most precise case ever made, they want to keep the original design and feel when using it and pressing the buttons.

Nudient Thin Case Review

Nudient Thin Case Features:

  • Works with wireless charging
  • The case is 1mm thin
  • Made out of hard polypropylene plastic
  • Premium matte feeling with 3x rubber coating. Slips easily down pockets and purses, not sticky like silicon
  • Built-in Nudient magnets for auto-align Nudient products
  • Soft textile fabric on the inside to protect the phone even more
  • The slits at the bottom let the case click on the phone for a seamless fit

This is a smooth, minimal case for my bulky device. The matte feeling with rubber gives it a modern look and also provides a good amount of grip. It’s very rigid, making it a difficult case to remove when attached. At times I felt like I was going to snap it.

The right side has been cut out to allow access to the buttons. While the bottom has a cut out for the mic etc and a larger cutout for the USB-C port. The edges aren’t raised, shouldn’t be rested screen down. There is also a bump for the camera, which means when it’s placed down the camera doesn’t touch the surface.

There is an imprint of the Nudient logo on the back, but it’s barely noticeable. I have tested it on several wireless chargers and it hasn’t interfered at all.

Though the case is thin, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer protection. Though for people after all-round protection this probably isn’t the case to go for.

This case is designed to be used with other Nudient products, which I think is the main selling point. You can use this with the Card Holder. It holds 1-3 cards, made of leather. It also works perfectly as a stand-alone wallet

Overall the Nudient Thin Case range is a fantastic option for anyone after a barely-there case. Don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on social media – find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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