Noerden LIZ Smart Water Bottle Review

Noerden LIZ Smart Water Bottle



The Noerden LIZ Smart Water Bottle is an insulated 316 stainless steel smart bottle with built-in UV sterilization, hydration reminders and a temperature range indicator for a healthier, more hydrated life.

Noerden LIZ Smart Water Bottle Review

This is a smart bottle with a difference, that difference being the use of UV-sterilization. There is no app or smart reminders to drink, this is a pretty basic bottle. The lid can be double-tapped to activate the UV cleaning process and a single tap to indicate the temperature of the drink inside. This is with a red light for hot, or blue light for cold. If the bottle isn’t moved for two hours, the lid will flash to remind you to drink. But if the bottle isn’t in your eye-line then you may miss this. I wouldn’t refer to the LIZ as a smart bottle, but more a better water bottle.

Noerden LIZ Smart Water Bottle Features

  • Water & Bottle UV Sterilisation
  • Hydration Reminders
  • 12-24h Hot & Cold Insulation
  • Temperature Range Indicator
  • Automatic Protection
  • Low Battery Reminder

The look is very much in keeping with other designer water bottles. I got the white model with a tapered top and a screw-top lid, with the logo on top. They have used 304 stainless steel on the outside of the bottle, while on the inside, the bottle is made out of 316 stainless steel. Though the outside is shiny, it’s not slippery and has a good grip on it.

The lid is where all the magic happens, and also where the charging point is stored. The magnetic charging unit can be used with any Micro-USB cable and just snaps onto the bottle. The lid will then flash red while charging. After opening the bottle you can see the UV unit on the other end of the lid. This is also where the temperature sensor is. The bottom of the bottle has a rubber pad to keep the bottle secure.

Noerden LIZ Smart Water Bottle Review

The UV cleansing time is around 3 – 5 mins, and will immediately stop if the bottle is opened. You cannot run it while the lid is off and needs to be screwed in properly to run.

Overall the LIZ is a great idea. The insulation keeps the cold drinks cold and the hot drinks hot, it can cleanse the water for you and it will remind you to drink.

Noerden LIZ Smart Water Bottle Review

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